I always want the blog to reflect where I stand in life and it will always be different, well at least that’s what I hope for 🙂  Right now life is busy – as you can tell from how little I post stories here and you will find out why in the Q&A.  I am mega focused on work but I always make the time to share the little special moments on social 🙂  I don’t have much time to shop & little money to put in to that pot, as all my money is going in to my business.  So in Part II of Beachwear as Streetwear [ Part I here ] I wear my bathing suit as a top, my Zara boyfriend shirt as skirt & sarong as a head scarf.

I get a lot of questions about what I do and why I am here in paradise for this long.  So I have decided to tell you 10 things about me because if you’re reading this, I love you for it and I want you to get to know me a little better!  I want to get to know you too so PLEASE!  Post comments…tell me what you do, where you’re from…anything!

I love getting to know peoples stories, so here’s mine.

1.  What in the world do I do for money/work now? (sans sugar daddy 😜)

I am in Ecommerce (so what the heck is this?)  My first business was selling private label products on Amazon.  In short, I would sell anything from yoga products to jewelry on Amazon.  I would find manufacturers overseas, slap my brand on it and ship it to Amazon (and they would do everything for me (for a cost) aka Amazon Prime.  Easy right?  NO, that cost me to drain my hard earned savings and got me in some debt because buying inventory is not cheap even overseas!  Nonetheless, this was my first business and it supported me for the first 2 years after I quit my 9-5 so not to shabby.

My second and current business in which I am a 50/50 partner, it’s also in Ecommerce but I am doing it a bit differently. I make deals with manufacturers so I don’t have to buy inventory and they ship all our sales 🙂  So sounds easy right?  Well yes and no, this is heavily focused on product research, testing hundreds of products daily and fully driven by advertising on social media (cost $$$$).  So that’s where most of the moolah is invested, those ads you see on FB/IG etc.  I also do some consulting on the side to help others start their own shops.

I know, a bit long but it’s never the easiest thing to explain, not even my mom gets it!  She thinks I have a sugar daddy aka my boo…guuurl, she knows she raised me betha than that!

2.  How do I shop so much!?

I don’t!  If you pay attention, I recycle tons of clothes (e.g. outfit in post).  I have a keen eye for buying timeless pieces and clothing I want to actually wear.  I’m never too proud to keep wearing something for a few years 😉  Don’t forget:  You make the outfit, outfit doesn’t make you 😉

3.  Why am I living in Mexico?

Because I lost my papers!  JUST KIDDING!  We decided to come back (after spending a few months here last year) because life it’s just beautiful here (no offense LA!).  We bought a one way ticket and basically made a deal that if our businesses are thriving it would allow us to be here longer.

4.  What did I do before starting a business?

I worked in retail management for 10 YEARS, holy smokes!  Still feels crazy weird to say it, makes me feel old!  My first job was as a manager was with Hollister at 18, then I worked for Abercrombie corporate for a few years.  I then had a short stint with Aldo (a nightmare my DM was a monster) and last but not least Aeropostale which I never imaged would be my best experience working retail management (much love!).

5.  How did I decide to quit my 9-5?

I had a big influencer, my fiancé (boyfriend then).  He’s a natural-born entrepreneur and he pushed me hard!  He encouraged me to believe I could and deserved the freedom to work for myself.  Once I had enough money saved, I said now or never!  I made a promise to my family the year before that the past Christmas would be the last I spent without them, and I quit before the following holiday.

6.  Was it easy? Hard?

I will put it like this?  I cried for like 2 months straight from frustration.  I had been getting a steady paycheck since I was 15 years old and suddenly not knowing when your next paycheck is coming is scary as heck!  I didn’t make any money for the first 2-3 months but very quickly I started to see the light 🙂

On to some fun stuff….

7.  What can’t I live without?

1.  My boo.  His name is Marcin, he’s Polish born & raised and he inspires me everyday to be better.

2.  Cheese and priscuitto.  Sorry Sports Illustrated, I will never make the cover 😜

Yes, in this order 🙂

8.  Something people don’t know about me?

I’m adopted! And it’s the greatest gift that could’ve happened to me 🙂  Love my fam!

9.  Biggest goal in life?

To give more.  I want to build a foundation for underprivileged or homeless children.  I am a proud tutor in Los Angeles at School on Wheels Skid Row and the kids inspire me to work harder to bring this goal to life.

10.  I will leave question #10 as an open forum for anyone to ask me anything 🙂  Don’t be shy ask away!

Let me know what you thought about the 10 things about me ❤️


Bikini top Victorias Secret | Zara shirt & mules | Sarong – Caravan Playa del Carmen | Sunglasses Ray Ban Polarized | H&M earrings | Stack Rings – Gottahavenow.com


5 thoughts on “Beachwear as Streetwear Pt. II + 10 Things About Me”

  1. It’s amazing to know a person as positive and inspiring as you. I love how perfect and colorful your pictures are because they resemble you as a wonderful human being and such of a creative person. We started managing Retailer Hollister Co. together and we both have grown in our chosen careers. I would like to say that it inspires me how positive and daring of a person you are to have chosen this creative career path in your life. Always having a strategic game plan but always knowing that it will succeed, and if it doesn’t then you will know you tried your hardest and will learn how to make it better next time. Because something I do know about YOU is that you DONT GIVE UP! Its in your blood. I would like to ask you….to let everybody know what keeps you motivated in this awesome career journey. That way they can know how to stay motivated in their own career paths. We have been friends more than a decade! Actually 14 years to be exact, cheers to many years of friendship. And I want to tell everyone how proud I am to call you my best friend XOXO!!

    1. Silvia!
      Wow this seriously made my heart so happy! 🙂 I am so thankful to be surrounded by beautiful humans like yourself that beyond the external beauty is also beautiful on the inside. So proud to call you my best friend! Love you to the moon!
      So to answer the question…What keeps me going and motivated?
      Honestly, first off it’s just being your own personal cheerleader keeps me moving, even on days when I can’t even get out of bed. Before I thrived mostly when I got recognition from others and although it’s very nice to get that, today it’s not my fuel. I motivate myself, I compete with myself and try to be a better version of myself everyday. Currently I am strongly motivated by a promise I made to my mama. I promised her I would retire her by the time she’s 60 & with a good life. I work so hard to give more and that’s what keeps me going 🙂

  2. Wow amazing post! It takes alot to share your personal life on social media…So kudos to you…reading this was so amazing and truly inspiring Thank you for sharing. Keep it up…looks like your on the right track and good luck on your business Look forward to more posts ☺️

    1. Hi Aliha!
      Thank you so much for the kind words beautiful! I’m a fan of your blog! I figure that if my story may tickle the entrepreneur/adventure spirit in someone that may make a difference in the world one day, it’s all worth it 🙂
      Much love,

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