90s fashion trends are here to stay.  Why do I say this?  Because so much of 90s fashion is minimalistic and chic and who doesn’t love that!  I guess is wishful thinking.  I can confidently say this quintessential 90s look is my favorite!  The slip dress was all over the scene from super models to everyday girls.  How do I know?  Oh…I’ve heard stories!  Since I was like a toddler in that decade 😉 hehe shhhh!

The slip it’s sexy, sleek, and so darn versatile!  Spring time in California is the best time for this look.  So how to pull off the look without looking like you’re walking around in your lingerie?  One way is to cover up a little which I actually prefer.  This structured coat gives it a polished & modern look.  The mules are also a blast from the past but the chunky block heel is a refreshing update to this comfortable shoe.  I can still remember borrowing my mom’s flashy mules to play dress up, they were my favorite and apparently this remains to be true.

I will definitely keep playing around with this dress for more casual looks 😉

Everything about the 90s was gold from fashion, Aaliyah + the Spice Girls, Titanic, pagers, Goosebumps books, Jordan, Tamagotchis, the macarena and the good old days when people still talked to each other ha!  The list goes on but for now let’s enjoy the moment and appreciate the past!



slip2Mixing 90s fashion trends with new structured pieces.

slip3For an effortless look, keep it really simple with accessories.  Less is more, the dress speaks for itself.

slip1Last chance to buy that coat you’ve been eyeing all season!  Shop look below 😉

slip4 copyTo keep the effortless vibe going, tuck in your hair to look as if you didn’t know it happened.  And Boo Ya! short hair for the day 😉

slip5A great way to get 2 dresses for 1?!  Pick a dress you love with a slip included! Very same thing stores sell all on their own 😉 90s fashion trends are so versatile!

slip8 copy

slip8The shoes to wear now according to WWW…Mules!  The shoe to invest in…why?  Because they keep coming back every year and in they’re in my list of classics to own.

slip6 copy

Shop these 90s fashion trends below! ♥

Slip Dress similar luxe option here and super cute & affordable option here

Zara thin scarf

Asos New Look Coat similar here, longer version here, belted version here

Zara Mules here’s their newest update & almost identical here

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