Abbot Kinney Type of Style.

Trying to “be cool” in this place is so damn hard!  Surrounded by uber cool art, people, and shopping.  Abbot Kinney Ave. is cooler than cool is ice cold!  As Outkast said like a gazillion years ago, dang I just gave up my age! 😉  A young heart keeps me young forever, I am Latina after all! 😉  I won’t talk about the early history of Kinney ave. because is rather sad instead I will focus on what it has become today.  “The coolest block in America” as coined by GQ, it really lives up to this.  If you’ve never been, you are in for a delight!  This eclectic place is colorful, chill, and scented with sea breeze.  Artists of all types run the block, staying true to Venice Beach culture.

Got out to play with my brother from another mother and we had a blast admiring the art and trying to look somewhat cool besides these beauties.  I picked out this location because it reflected the same playful vibes as our outfits.  I am borderline obsessed with patches so as soon as I find a patched piece I fall deeply in love.  Speaking of love, I dedicate this blog post to some of the things I love.  Street art, the color red, the joy of dressing in all-white, funky patches, and spending time with two men I am hella lucky to have in my life.  My best friend Jossé and Marcin, the man who has taught me how to see the world even more beautifully♥

Cheers to love!



Story of my life in the mural ♥ One of my favorites!  “So far so good” by Alex Yanes – Rag & Bone mural Check him out @alexyanes

topshop4Abbot Kinney blvd exudes coolness everywhere you look.

topshop8Against the Sun shades in Downtown LA.  Support local businesses 🙂

topshop7Sometimes it just feels good to climb things and scream like a mad woman 😉

topshop10All in the #details

topshop1Mural by wonder woman Diana Garcia follow her @iamdianagarcia Murals in every corner! Abbot Kinney is the most IG worthy blvd. in L.A.

topshop6When in doubt, just wear all-white-errrthang!

topshop5Snake Superstars in their natural habitat ♥


Love Berto” mural.  Uber cool geo shapes and patterns check out his work! @love_berto


Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Topshop Moto Jacket 

Zara Mid rise jeans

Adidas Superstar snake

Against The Sun shades -Check out their Instagram

Red Bandana UO

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