Akumal Turtle Beach is a tiny little placed I recently discovered.  Akumal is a small beach town located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum.  This gorgeous little beach town is mostly known for its amazing sea turtle sightings and snorkeling.  Otherwise it’s fairly unknown, why?  I am guessing those who have been there still selfishly want to keep it for themselves 😉  How come no one told me about this place before!!!??  I will note though, this is still a busy beach with tourists and locals alike.  Groups of snorkelers would disturb my view every now and then but no biggie, I’m good at sharing 😉  Besides these few groups, it’s one of the most chill beaches I’ve been to in the Riviera Maya.

Tons of Palm Trees gracefully dance along the shoreline, so scoring a palm tree spot here it’s easy.  All you will need is your towels and I recommend to bring your own snorkel mask.  The tourist traps will try to charge you on your way in to the beach and “recommend” a snorkel tour but fyi you don’t need a guide to snorkel with the turtles, it’s free!  So if you don’t bring a mask just rent one and don’t fall for the “must have a guide trap”.  Sea turtles are abundant here so you will definitely see some along with stingrays and barracudas.  Best part is that they’re hanging out in very shallow waters so you don’t have to go deep at all.

Other than that all we had left to do is chill out and take in the beauty.  The blues are that out of a postcard and the white sand is as fine as powder.  The water is so calm I could look down at my feet and see colonies of small fish dancing in unison.  Gosh I’ve never seen anything more beautiful!

We wrapped up the day at Akumal turtle beach with simple but delicious dinner and drinks beach side at Lo-Ha and this day was perfection.  Note: Lo-Ha let’s you take your drinks and food to the beach so there’s no need to lug anything 😉  The late afternoon it’s also a good time for sea turtle sighting because they come back to shallow waters after eating out.  Thirty minutes later, we were back in Playa del Carmen.  Best day trip ever if you are staying in Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

See you very soon Akumal!



I am including some transportation tips at the end of the post 🙂

akumal2As you notice on the blue towel, there is a computer #digitalnomad 🙂 …If you set up in front of the only coffee shop (don’t know name) on this beach you can have this priceless beach front office!

IMG_4248Cutie posing for me.  So much wildlife in this beach town!

akumal1Coconut Palm Trees…Akumal Turtle Beach you are HEAVEN.

akumal6My practice is not there yet but I never give up!  #parttimeyogi  Stay active 🙂

IMG_4249These corals had tiny pools of sea life in them.  One of the wonders of this gorgeous place!

akumal4Unknown Local Species :p  Have a cold one here and call it a damn productive day at Akumal turtle beach!  ♥

IMG_4250These pictures serve no justice, trust me when I say that.

akumal3If you’ve never had a “Nopal” (cactus) salad, you haven’t lived!  Pure goodness for the body and soul.  This was the power source of the Mayan and Aztecs.  Cactus, Oaxacan cheese, carrots, avocado, cilantro, drizzled with olive oil, lemon and pure love!

So there’s a few ways to get to Akumal:

1. Car Rental (You will pay for parking)

2. Pay a few hundred pesos for a cab each way.

3. Or do what we did-take the “Collectivo” bus for 35 pesos each way 😉 A colectivo is a bus catering to the locals, although is the preferred method of transportation for a lot of tourists and expats.  It’s a small but nice and air conditioned bus actually much nicer than a lot of cabs.  We were coming from Playa del Carmen so we got dropped off on the opposite side of the road.  Just walk across the bridge and straight up the cross road.  To be honest I felt a little nervous we were in the right place when we got dropped off because from the dodgy freeway you would never think there’s a magical beach tucked in there but to our pleasant surprise there was 🙂  A minute in you will see the town and all the tour vendors.  Walk all the way in a quick right through a building (I believe is a museum) and you are in Akumal Beach!

Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask me any questions 🙂

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