If I could describe Bali in one word it would be, magical.  I can talk about how beautiful it is all day long but I’d rather you just see it on some of my pictures.  The true experience in Bali is created by the people.  There’s a strong sense of harmony & happiness here.  Balinese people treated us like family.  Eager & proud of their culture and happy to share it.

 Now can we talk about the food!  Must eats are nasi goreng (stir fry rice with meat), babi guling(suckling pig, old school style, on a stick rolled by hand), sate lembat (meat skewers, served with succulent + spicy dipping sauces) and basically anything they put in front of me!  Small piece of advice, stay clear of any non-bottled water or any ice.  It’s called Bali belly google it before you visit!

Overall, do I recommend Bali?  Absofreakinglutely!!!  It’s hot with 100% humidity but you know what?  I don’t even remember thinking about that at all.

Some other highlights:

-Steak, ribs &  dirty martinis at Naughty Nuri’s

-Snorkling in Amed

-Coffee tasting in  Kopi Luwak Farm

Sacred Monkey forest in Ubud

and all the pictured below 😉

Peace & Love,


*Plan your activities & trips well because there is so much to see and do in Bali! We’re lucky to have travel mates that took planning by the horns!  Thanks St. Aubins 🙂

bali5Tegalalang rice fields a must see!

bali4Dreamy villa in Ubud all booked via AirBnB

bali3Hindu water temple Tirta Gangga.  One of the wonders in Bali.

bali2Sunset in Seminak, you can’t miss visiting this place while in Bali.

BALI6Boo meditating in my dream home-Ubud.

bali1The stunning sea front villa in our last stop-Amed.

We always travel via AirBnB because it let’s us experience the true culture vs. one created by a hotel 😉

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