My Berlin Trip was anything but ordinary.

The moment I arrived to the Gendarmenmarkt (Berlin’s most magnificent square), I spinned around to take in all the beauty and suddenly emotion took over me and I started crying!  To this day, I’m not exactly sure what it was.  I’m guessing it was all the beauty to take in for my first time in Germany and Europe!  My boyfriend came over and just hugged me, no questions asked, he knew.  I looked around 5 seconds later and we were surrounded by a crowd of happy tourists clapping and joyously staring at us.  Waiting, but for what?  Oh ya…they thought he was proposing LOL!!!!  Ring never appeared so they slowly started backing away and going about their touristing.

The setting was perfection a woman playing the violin, the perfect summer afternoon and 2 obvious non-Germans sight seeing.  Sorry to have disappointed all the hopeless romantics, waiting for the moment to get a glimpse of the rock!  We had only been together for about a year so no way in hell I expected that.  This was a great start to our trip and I knew Germany was going to be full of surprises and it was but definitely no diamonds involved.  Can’t wait for another Berlin trip!

Bis bald Deutschland!

♥ Dalí

942434_627910350566301_1888453002_nI recommend to skip on guided tours. Get a city bike, pin locations on Google Maps & pack a few German beers for the road! Tiergarten here was my fave. 520 acres of lush beauty, monuments and sculptures.

1234755_643079892382680_1119020455_nArchitecture was the reason why this Berlin trip was so unforgettable.

643944_10200870649963030_396698934_nThe Siegessäule, Berlin Victory column offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Berlin.

1238782_643079239049412_1574709125_nBerlin is hot & extremely humid in the summer so pack light fabrics, comfy shoes, & a great camera.

ger1German food is simple yet hearty.  This type of food was different for me but embracing other cultures is what I love about traveling.

1235895_643079705716032_137099331_nAnother country in which beer was cheaper than water!  Score!  Best selection of beers in the world ♥  Oh btw drinking in public is not allowed in Berlin oops! so learn the country’s laws before you visit 😉

1005236_643079745716028_1020770557_n-1The Bode Museum has stunning Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art.  Make sure to reserve in advance for any museums in Berlin, as most do not allow walk ins.  I learned the hard way!

That’s all for my Berlin trip…Until next time!

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