Best Asian Restaurant in Playa del Carmen. Period.

About a month ago, the idea to go and meet the amazing people behind some of the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen was conceived.  Like a beautiful newborn, I was eager to meet these people that made my foodie dreams come true.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect but my inner Anthony Bourdain voice said, “what the hell, just do it”.  So I did and it blew away all my expectations in the best way possible.  I knew the food was great already but will it reflect on its people?  Fudge yes it did!  I will secretly admit that this helped me discover my inner voice, and it sounds just like Anthony Bourdain! 😂  Every word I type is narrated by the undeniable cool voice of my favorite food connoisseur.  A little weird? Maybe!  But it sure made it more fun writing about incredible restaurants like Babe’s Noodles & Bar.

Amongst the pizzas and the tacos is a pretty little gem called Babe’s Noodles & Bar.  Lena Bermann and her husband Per Langöe are a beautiful reflection of the restaurant. They opened Babe’s almost two decades ago when she decided to close her restaurants in Sweden and Per left at the peak of his career as a light designer to move to this paradise.  Back when Playa was remotely unknown, just a beautifully calm fishermen town.  Lena recalls, giving it all away in Sweden basically to start over and live the beach life they always dreamed of.  They packed a couple bags, their dog and said their good byes.  Everyone said, “yeah you will be back”.  Sixteen years later that remains untrue.  This statement right here hit home for me because this is the pursuit of happiness my fiancé and I are currently on.  Makes me incredibly happy to meet people like them who made their dreams come true without waiting until it’s too late. #justdoit


So how does a Swedish couple go on and open the best Asian restaurant in Playa del Carmen?! Lena has been a world nomad for a long time and lived in many countries including Thailand where she immersed herself in the culture.  She is a self taught chef and her creations come purely from experience and culinary love.  Besides the lack of Asian restaurants, they also noticed the need for a fun laid back place where ladies can go for ladies night or alone for a drink.  Although Babes’s was created with women in mind, its popularity has made it a must-go-to destination for anyone who loves Thai, Philippino, and Indian food and a damn good frozen daiquiri. 🍹  Lena also pays homage to her country by serving Swedish meatballs.  The only permanent dish that remains in the menu with a deep sentimental value and a beautiful reminder of where they come from.  🇸🇪

I am incredibly thankful with Lena and Per for opening up your restaurant to us and sharing your amazing story with us.  So next time you are in Playa del Carmen craving some authentically delicious Asian food and stiff drinks, know that you are in great hands with the crew at Babe’s Noodles & Bar.  Simply the best Asian restaurant and my top overall 3 in Playa del Carmen.


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babes3Per is the creative genius behind the restaurant’s theme and design.  They both share a love for classy 50s Pin Up girls, colorful Asian decor and that smart Swedish furniture designs.  This restaurant is like no other!  A feast for your eyes and belly 😉

babes4The vibes here chill and fun. Red lit sexiness with eclectic decor.  A true reflection of their owners 🏮

babes5The wonton shrimp had to be my favorite appetizer.  I loved the basil chili sauce these giant breaded shrimp prongs were doused in! ***Mouth currently watering 😛

babes1Mango daiquiri.  Have one or two. Happy goodness! 🍹🍹 The best Asian restaurant in Playa also serves the best daiquiris…swoon, only in Mexico!

babes10Lena has the spirit that shines as bright as the sun and its truly contagious. ☀️  I love surrounding myself with people exactly like her.  The type that has lived several lives already and continues to live life at its fullest. #goals  Miss you so much my Swedish baddass!

babes6Some of the favorites (clockwise) Coconut shrimp with mango-passion fruit sauce, my fave the wonton shrimp, and the mouth watering Salmon Sashimi with thai dressing topped with dried beets.  All the sauces are created from scratch by Lena and this is the biggest key to earning the best Asian restaurant badge.

babes2If you don’t know who this lady is pleeeeease google it! 😉  Decor by Per.

babes8Copious amounts of drinks and food!  This is what my dreams are made of.  Thank you Lena and Per for spoiling us! ❤️

babes7The close up.  Clockwise, if you must have only one thing at this Asian restaurant have the Swedish meatballs! LOL! Trust me on this one 😉  Other must haves the Goat Cheese Rolls with honey, walnuts and passion fruit sauce and the Vietnamese shrimp salad with sesame-lime-chile dressing.  Babe’s has something for everyone. 👌🏽

babes9One of my all-time favorites and perfectly cooked at Babe’s, Thai Tom Kha Gai soup.  Get it traditional with chicken.

babes13The end!

I hope you guys enjoyed Dalí’s Foodie Tales from Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  I hope to continue to share foodie stories from around the globe.  I love reading about suggestions and blogs recommending restaurants, so if you have any send me a message or comment below 👇🏽  Spread the love and great food because around a table we are all one of the same 🌻

Special thanks to Lena Per and team Babe’s for sharing your story and succulent food with us.  Makes my heart smile to meet amazing people behind places like this one.

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