Best Brunch Restaurant in Playa del Carmen

Easily crowned the best brunch restaurant in Playa del Carmen and this is not just my opinion.  There are very few places that leave a lasting impression in my heart and in this case my belly 😉  I visited La Cueva del Chango Restaurant (the monkey’s cave) in Playa del Carmen a year ago and I just couldn’t wait to be back for more.  Cueva has remained just like I remembered beautifully lush, peaceful and delicious.  The service matches the quality of the food.  I jokingly tell our server Gabriel, I will take whatever happy juice he had.  I could feel the sense of happiness and gratitude radiating from the staff here.  I was immediately interested in finding out more of how the owners, Andres and Pedro achieve this.  Surrounded by so much nature and the owner’s daily attention to detail it’s part of it, as Andres says.

This serene restaurant started as a green house and coffee shop with only four tables and naturally evolved in to a restaurant with demand.  The restaurant is spacious and comfortable, the owners believe in personal space and staying away from cramped tables to turn a quick profit.  People love this place so much, they will wait as long as it’s required.  This restaurant is famous for their breakfast, specially their chilaquiles.  They sell an average of 500 plates on any given weekend day!  Portions are big and prices are right. One of the many reasons people love this place including myself.  I will admit that the best part of eating here is how good and satisfied I feel afterwards.  Fresh made from scratch ingredients plays a big role on that feel good feeling 🙂

The restaurant was built in a jungle so they took on the challenge of building around as many trees as possible to save the natural habitat.  I was lucky enough to meet one of their current unofficial pets, an iguana that likes to quietly hang out around the restaurant and graciously greet customers on top of the entrance’s tree arch.  They also used to have a spider monkey that came around the restaurant during the early years.  The monkey arrived pregnant and gave birth here.  The owners saw this as a blessing from nature and a sign of prosperity.  The baby monkey grew up around the restaurant being fed scrumptious fresh fruits and seeds.  The magical part was that the restaurant was already named La Cueva del Chango when this happened, it was a sign they were right where they were supposed to be.  **Note, that none of their “pets” are captive.

So next time you are monkeying around Playa del Carmen go see Andres, Pedro & team at Cueva del Chango.  You can thank me later 😉

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”

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💻 Visit them @ www.lacuevadelchango & show them some Facebook love 📲

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cueva3Every inch of space is intelligently used here to grown more plants.  The restaurant even has a small creek and pond running through it! 🌱

cueva1The charming entrance details.  Make sure to look up if you are here, you might see their pet iguanas relaxing up there.

cueva6Owner, Andres Friederich & Executive Chef and General Manager, Rafael Montes are the heart beating behind the best brunch restaurant in Playa del Carmen.

cueva4Some other delicious items on the brunch menu.  We decided to visit for lunch and they didn’t cease to amaze me!  This is the famous Aztec soup and chile relleno.

cueva7Simple is better sometimes.  Guacamole topped with Mexican cheese and pico de gallo.  They are also known for their orgasmic salsas!  Flavorful with a hint of spice.  **Warning always be careful with the salsa in the smallest jar 😉

cueva8Fresh juices gallore!  Make your own fresh goodness or pick one from the menu like this fresh squeezed lemonade with mint.

cueva11This beauty here is the chicken skewer salad served with peanut dressing.  Cueva del Chango has no rules, as Rafael says.  They cater to vegans, vegetarians and those with allergies.  They are always happy to make your dish your way 🙂

cueva12Amazingness is called Tuna Filet topped with roasted garlic.  A side of herb potatoes and a colorful salad.  The portion 😱 they are incredibly generous here!

cueva10Gabriel, our gracious server and son of Andres.  Happiest guy on earth!  Thank you for always giving us such an amazing experience 🙂

cueva2Sky lights around the palapa, no artificial lights during the day.  But at night these colorful lamps give the restaurant a cozy and sexy vibe.

cueva13Don’t dare to skip dessert!  These are the caramel crepes topped with sweet milk and nuts.  Also recommend the coconut ice cream, raspberry and chocolate. #yummy


The juice bar guys know how to have fun!

Special thanks to team Cueva for sharing your story and succulent food with us.  Makes my heart smile to meet amazing people behind places like this.   They proudly earn the best brunch restaurant title every single day.



Much love!

Owners:  Andres and


Executive Chef:  Rafael Montes.

Experience Service:  Gabriel Friederich.

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