The best fitting jeans can make your day!  Nothing like finding those jeans that make you look great from waist, to booty, the ankles. On Wednesdays (and almost every weekday), we wear jeans. 😉 Hard to believe that movie (Mean Girls) was a decade ago! Phewww.  Speaking of a blast from the past guess what else is back and hotter than ever?  Denim!!! Such an array of styles, washes, and for all body shapes!  Some of our favorite styles are bell bottoms and fitted light washes. ♥  Dress denim down or up for a night on the town.  Today, we are ready to go from business to fun in a snap.  We love outfits that can easily transition from daytime to playtime!


Jossé & Dalí

Shop some of the best fitting jeans on earth by clicking on Jossé or Dalí

jeans1This stunning double mural called “Dona benedita”is located on Spring st, a collab by artists JR & VHILS.




Hope ya’ll enjoy and maybe we’ll see you and your fab denim at happy hour!

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