Imagine yourself walking down 5th avenue in Playa del Carmen, hungry as hell, trying to decide if you should trust the recommendation from the front desk girl at your hotel.  In case you haven’t been in Playa del Carmen’s 5th ave. (yet), it’s chaos but the good kind 😉  Blocks and blocks of endless restaurants, most featuring a loud speaking man at the entrance of most restaurants, so loud it will cloud your thoughts OR a cute girl attempting to lure you in to eat the “best food in town.”  Well I’m here to make it easy for you next time you’re there, if you have to choose one place for breakfast or brunch (lunch or dinner) visit the Frida Kahlo Restaurant Riviera Maya (they have locations in Mexico City, Morelia and Playa).  The location is not only stunning but it’s also adorned with history and art honoring my all-time favorite feminist, artist, teacher, and visionary – Frida Kahlo.  What better setting can a girl ask for to enjoy a great Mexican meal overlooking the famous 5th avenue.  Simply one of the best Mexican brunch restaurants and atmosphere in Playa del Carmen!

I finally get to share my experience at the chic Frida Kahlo Restaurant Riviera Maya!  I loved the balance of mixing the new world with the old flare of Mexican art and food. Traditional Mexican ingredients reinvented for the new millennium foodie.  Big old school portions presented beautifully modern.  At Frida’s, they pay attention to everything from the sleek modern china to the symphony of colors and flavors in every dish.  A dream come true for a girl that loves her hues and belly comforting food.

I was so honored to have been invited to experience this amazing restaurant with my Frida Kahlo Restaurant fam!  Thank you so much Alejandra Tamez and team for your warm hospitality.  Stay tuned for Part II of the Frida Kahlo Riviera Maya series, where I will feature the Frida Kahlo experience!  Also, take a peek at my Frida Kahlo Riviera Maya museum exclusive. | Follow IG @fridakahlopdc


The brunch starter, local fresh fruits accompanied by yogurt and homemade granola.As a big mole fan this was one of my favorites!  I’ve never had mole for brunch so this enchilada with egg concoction was a treat to remember. Ooooh and that fresh avocado portion is sinful!The details ❤️Mimosas who?  A fresh fruit cocktail is the Mexico way of brunch!  Fresh fruit passion fruit cocktail with mezcal and strawberry cocktail.  Passion fruit it’s a must!Featuring:  Enchiladas Poblanas — Exquisite enchiladas stuffed with chicken and baby corn with a chile poblano sauce and xnipec.  If you love green enchiladas like me, this is a winner!



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