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Casa del Agua is the only restaurant from these foodie series that I had never been to before. So I decided to take a chance and go break bread with the team because this was THE place many local and visitors alike have on their top 1% of best Mexican restaurants in Playa del Carmen.  So glad I did!

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s hard to find top quality food in Playa del Carmen, specially on 5th avenue.  How do you choose from the hundreds?  Well one restaurant I can assure you will be a place to take your palate on a delicious escapade, it’s Casa del Agua (The Water house).  This is a place that it’s warm and inviting with a luxe but casual vibe during the day that turns into a romantic yet lively vibe at night.  The restaurant has 3 levels to better fit your mood which was one of my favorite things.  A lively ground floor perfect for people watching and a casual vibe perfect for drinks.  Second floor completely takes you away from the hustle and bustle of 5th avenue in to a serene mood.  Last but not least, the roof garden with amazing ocean views and that untouchable caribbean breeze.

Casa del Agua is a family affair that has been around for 15 years.  Hans the owner, and his father a prominent chef, had a vision when this town was still a humble fishermen town.  The beloved Spath family has been in Playa for more than 30 years from Germany.  So this explains much of the European influence in their Mexican menu and impressive wine selection.  They currently have more than 700 labels and growing. #woah  So if you are a wine lover like me, wine heaven is called Casa del Agua.  Hans is not only a wine enthusiast but a Sommelier, so I knew I was at the right place 😉  Ambrosial food and wine in the middle of Mayan heaven!  Counting the days until we meet again.

Muchas gracias team Casa del Agua for being such fun hosts! 🍷



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***UPDATE:  I know there has been a big gap between posts in general!  Sorry! 🙈  This is always a crazy month for me with my birthday, the boo’s birthday, anniversary, and also making the move back to the U.S.  In the next post I will tell you all more 😉 

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casa3It’s an understatement to say Hans and team are passionate about wine.  It’s a way of life.  We don’t discriminate! We serve wines from all over the world, as Zaida says.

casa1This vibrant beauty is the Tuna Nikkei ceviche.  Tuna, mango and avocado marinated in sweet and sour sauce topped with a fresh lettuce bed.  Exactly what caribbean flavors should be like. Expect nothing less from the best Mexican restaurant.

casa8I had not met such a fun bunch that would put up with my Spanglish lol!  So thankful to have exchanged stories over wine and superb food by Executive Chef Isvi Morales.   An uber-cool chef that created one of the most attractive yet delicious dishes I’ve tasted.  He claims a lot of his influences just come from traveling and creates dishes by remaining humble and true to Mexican cuisine.  Truly a gem and a well deserved “best Mexican restaurant in Playa del Carmen” badge!

casa4Favorite salad EVER!  Why?  Dressing is made of 3 cheeses!  Gruyere, parmesan, and roquefort.  Also figs 3 ways…Dried, grilled and compote. #cheese gives me life!

casa12Once you have lived in Playa you always find your way back, Isvi says.  He has lived and worked as a chef for nine years all over Mexico and Europe but always seems to come back here.  After living in Playa del Carmen for a few months, I’m already counting the days until we go back. 🌴

casa6This is the Miso Morita Grouper.  Much like the perfect girl smart, beautiful and full of surprises!  This dish had it all ❤️  Marinated fish fillet in morita pepper sauce, sautéed with corn esquites perfumed with epazote. Avocado foam with coconut, lime, aioli, onion and dark beer reduction.  Enough said.

casa11Love this bunch!!!  Executive Chef Isvi Morales and Event Coordinators Zaida Valencia & Rous Medina.

casa7Steak in Roquefort sauce, Dad’s recipe (I know the ingredients shhhh I will keep them a secret 😉  Riojana sauce – Nogada sauce, made from nuts, sherry, sugar and spices. // Served with vegetables and mashed potatoes.  Meat eaters rejoice!

casa15Night time vibes❤️


I am not much for a dessert gal but this, this!  3 chocolate layered cake, sweetened to perfection 😘

Special thanks to team Casa del Agua for sharing your story and succulent food with us.  Makes my heart smile to meet amazing people behind places like this one.  This pride makes up the best Mexican restaurant in Playa.



Much love,

Owner : Hans Spath
Executive Chef: Isvi Morales
Event Coordinators: Zaida Valencia & Rous Medina

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