I am über excited to present to you the first HBIC!

Don’t get it twisted, it’s Head Babe in Charge!  I am honored to share the stories of women entrepreneurs and bloggers.  I will give you sneak peek in the life of my favorite boss babes.  My mission is to share the valuable knowledge these boss babes possess.  Are you wondering…but I am not a blogger?  Perfect!  My biggest mission is to inspire women’s empowerment and entrepreneurial skills.  I am hoping this will educate and inspire other women to support each other, to do more and go for what we actually deserve!

Huda Alvi from Haute by Huda is the first wonder woman in these series.  She is a self proclaimed LIFE INFLUENCER.  She has her own boutique recruiting business, a family and a blog that has grown tremendously in only ONE YEAR!  You go girl!

I have been following Huda’s journey for some time now and she’s one of my favorites boss babes.  Not only is Huda one of the chicest bloggers in the game, but her refreshing and humble approach to fashion is like nothing I’ve seen before.  You don’t need to be rich to be chic AF and bloggers certainly don’t sip skinny lattes all day and go on extravagant vacations every other month.  She hustles from sun up to sun down.  Huda’s passion for everything she does shines as bright as the sun through her posts.  This girl boss inspires me everyday to give more without any expectations.

Follow her killer style and everyday inspirational knowledge @hautebyhuda and www.HauteByHuda.com

She is MORE THAN JUST A BLOGGER and you will see why below, in my first Q&A with Huda Alvi!

I hope you enjoy!

Dalí 💋

Inspire.  Be you.  You’re unique.


Your sincere approach in all your posts is so refreshing!  I always want to read more!  Any exciting plans for your website?

Thank you. I’m the least technical person I know and getting a website and blog going has been so difficult. However, I have finally joined the band wagon and started my blog. However, my Campaign #iammorethanjustablogger website is still under construction and will be ready to launch March 1st.

Can you tell us about “I am more than just a blogger”?  Any future plans for it?

Well it started after I met so many amazing women while blogging. I realized after meeting with so many strong and talented women that blogging was just one creative outlet for them and that so many of these women were so hardworking, some moms, some holding executive corporate jobs while some in school. It occurred to me then that the blogging world can be perceived so critically and that there should be some light shed to this topic. There should be some way of showing the world stories of the women behind the camera. It was one of those ideas that keeps you up at night and you think to yourself I HAVE to do something about it. The timing was actually perfect because literally the night I came up with the concept in my head, the next day Vogue had released a negative statement about bloggers and the world they live in. This caused a lot of uproar on social media and I thought to myself that this had to be a sign!  Future plans include growing the awareness and building a global conference around it.  I always dream big☺

Your IG following is huge and that was only in one year!  Can you tell us the secret to your rapid growth?

I Invested money and time and treated it like a business. It’s pretty simple. If you do anything with 100% commitment and consistency it’s bound to grow.

Your priorities have changed dramatically, specially with your fashion habits.  Kudos to selling your designer bags for a good cause!  Was it a specific moment that shifted your perception of life and fashion?

This change has been on-going for the past year. I decided in my mind that it was time for me to grow to the highest level possible and in order to do that you have to do something that is outside of you. Thats when you truly grow as a person. To give back without anything in return, to do something for someone in exchange for a blessing or a smile. Those are the moments I live for now. It took me a long time to become this person.

All photo credits: @hautebyhuda

How does a CEO manage to balance a family, a blog and a company?  

The more I do the better I feel. I can’t be bored I feel like it’s a waste of potential so keeping myself challenged and busy makes me the happiest. I have an amazing husband that supports all my ideas and is my biggest fan, without him all this would not be possible.

What makes Huda happy?

Experiences make me happy. Making a difference in someone’s life makes me happy. Taking care of my parents make me happy. Being a good wife and mother makes me the happiest☺

Special thanks to Huda Alvi for taking the time to share your priceless knowledge with us!  

Follow her journey IG: @hautebyhuda

Blog: www.HauteByHuda.com

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  2. You have been born to do something big and a difference in your life. Your strength, courage and determination is what took you where you r today. We are proud n very proud of u my girl. Luv u

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