A cenote experience is unlike any other, it’s a way to go back to Mayan times.  For those yet to discover this underground wonder, these are natural fresh water swimming holes caused by sunken limestone.  Mayans believed these sacred grounds were a communication path with the gods.  The pristine clear water in these holes is a result from rain naturally filtered by the earth.  Swimming in these pools is not just fun but great for your skin!  Enriched with minerals and vitamins, swimming in a part of history never felt so good!  There are thousands of discovered cenotes in Yucatan alone and most of them are yet to be explored!  Yucatan also has the longest underground river and cave system in the world!

This was the first time visiting a cenote and I am extremely happy I chose Chaak Tun cenote.  Keep in mind these glorious grounds are a huge “must do” attraction that hauls bus loads of cruise ship tourists.  Chaak Tun is one of the “newly” explored cenotes so cruise ships are yet to heard crowds to Chaak Tun.  The place still feels like it should…quiet and untouched.  The intimate experience includes a charismatic tour guide (exploring alone is not allowed), which is another reason why this cenote is still well preserved.

Our tour guide Felix, served us with tons of history with a side of humor!  We had a blast laughing and exploring but I must say my favorite moment is when he had us all turn off our flashlights and be in the moment, in complete silence.  We listened to the earth whisper beautiful sounds.  I had never felt so connected to mother earth.  Our group was the only one in sight most of the tour and I must say this is what makes this place so special.

I am a little claustrophobic and the only moment I had to collect myself a bit is right before Felix submerged me under water for a couple of seconds to admire the underwater cenote caves.  I am so glad I did it.  The awe and beauty made me forget all about my fears.

There is countless choices for cenotes and is all about what it’s right for you!  Make sure to check out my list of tips and cost breakdown at the end of the post 😉



“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

–Albert Einstein 

chaak18Only natural light source, Chaak Tun is one sexy cenote ♥

chaak3Our awesome tour guide is Felix Pre-tour.

chaak10Me jumping a tree 😉

chaak16First dive was in to this magical pool!  Water is cool so I recommend you opt for the wetsuit.

chaak4This was our group and the next group was nicely spaced out so the experience felt very intimate.  See why others also love Chaak Tun in Trip Advisor.

chaak11Some of the cool characters you may see around the park 🙂

chaak6Partner in crime and what looks like a dinosaur egg!

chaak17This is cave #2 which gets even sexier and mysterious!  This cave has dim mood with artificial lighting but super tastefully placed. This is were Felix let us explore on our own and free dive a bit.

chaak12You will see many of these little trouble makers in cave 2 since it has no natural light source.

chaak1Got to hold a stalactite!  You will have to guess the weight so I won’t tell you the answer 😉

chaak14Hard to describe this raw beauty! Amazing photos by Amanda and Maya Showtime.  Check them out on Facebook @Maya Showtime

chaak2Ready to take on the darkness and tight spaces!

I did tons of research on which to pick and how to get there.  So here’s some helpful tips I wish I had for your future Chaak Tun Visit 😉

Cost for 1 person: $450 pesos

Includes: Water mask, water lamp, wetsuit, water shoes, and tour guide!  Such a steal compared to all the others!

Cab ride: $150 pesos one way from Playa del Carmen.  Always negotiate!

Photo Package:  around $400 with 40+ pictures.  (optional)

Tip not included.

***NOTE:  This is a tour only Cenote great for snorkelers no diving.  Although you can take off your jacket in the second cenote to dive in a bit.

Other cenotes charge an entrance about $200, equipment separately, and usually additional 500 for a guide per person!!!  All and all Chaak Tun is the most affordable, stunning and fun!

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