Partnered up with the fabulous Lorena Soria at Estilo Salon to create some Coachella inspired styles.  This is part one of 3 series of super fun and sexy must-have festival looks we created.  Lorena is no newbie to the game, she’s a fave amongst a few celebs which we can’t mention shhhh 😉  Hair guru Robert Ramos was her mentor, so she credits a lot of her skills to him.  So if you’re looking for an effortlessly sexy look go see her!  Not only will she bring out the goddess in you, but you will have a blast like I did.  Can we say hair-soul-mates? ♥

We all know Coachella style is about going wild with your imagination and those strong 70s hippie vibes.  There’s music at Coachella??? :p  Forget about stealing your moms old Jordache jeans, this year 70s fashion is still going on strong!  I love ANYTHING off-the-shoulder and bell bottoms for that VaVa boom look 😉  I’m pretty sure I am way past the pasties and the butt cleavage so I’ll stick something more modest like this for a festival 😉  I love this look because this is something that is street style friendly and PG 13!  Lorena Coachella’d out (not a word, I know;) my hair with some feathers she got in DTLA fashion district and strategically braided a few areas of my hair.  I absolutely adore the feather peaking out effect and the pops of color.  If you’re going to try this look make sure to pick out colors that are a contrast to your hair color.

Thank you Lorena & Estilo Salon for giving me mermaid hair xx!



Stay tuned for more Coachella inspired style 💋

flares1Live wild child 😉

flares13Coachella inspired styles are always in!  (At least in my world) 😉

flares4A whole experience with this girl ♥  See her work on instagram @lo_soria

flares10Bell bottoms for a hump to that bottom 😉

flares3Lorena used Robert Ramos Products, amazing for long lasting waves and all my wild baby hairs 😉

Robertramos.comflares5Peace & Love from my favorite fotographer ♥

flares6Tussled waves & peeking feathers.  #coachellainspiredstyle

flares8Coachella inspired style it’s so easy to achieve with the current trends.  Everything from high fashion from affordable brands are on board with 70s trends.


 Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Forever 21 top

Zara bell bottoms similar fit

Sunglasses similar here

Scarf, I made it 🙂

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