What is success? As I’ve said before, success is freedom.  Freedom to call your own shots and wander as you please.  There is no one that embodies freedom more than one of my favorite boss babes, Cyndi Ramirez from Taste the Style blog.  She’s one of the raddest chicks in the blogging game and not only because she’s chic AF but because she embodies a boss babe to dangerously great levels!

Cyndi is the head babe in charge of Taste the Style.  In the rare case you’ve never heard of it, it’s THE go-to for everything fashion, entrepreneurial features, beauty, travel and of course her first love food!  Everything lifestyle and mega girl power can be found in TastetheStyle.com  and for daily boss girl style follow her on IG @cyndiramirez

Cyndi has managed to put together a team a badass boss babes that contribute on the regular on Taste The Style and this is not even half of her hustle (as if wasn’t enough! 💪🏽).  She also co-owns the coolest kids in NYC The Garret East + West and Dinnertable restaurants with her hubs, “the biggest feminist,” she says.

Boss babe is an understatement for this Wonder Woman, who is also about to launch an exciting project of her own called ChillHouse. **OPEN NOW!  A day spa where you get your mani pedi on while you chill with a drink and food in hand.  This is what dreams are made of, well at least mine. 😉  Be on the lookout for the opening this month, specially if you’re in the New York area.


Update:  Chillhouse is now open!

So cheers to Cyndi and the group of badass boss babes behind TTS!  Thank you for inspiring so many of us to run the world. So proud to share with you the newest HBIC, Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton!  Below she drops some major knowledge on everything from blogging, to babe bossing, to the sweet married life!  Enjoy!

You’re one of the coolest chicks in the blogging game…How did you find your voice and personal image?  

Thank you! For me, it really came together out of a pure void. I came from both industries and felt that a lot of women (and men!) were equally excited about fashion as they were about dining & food as a whole. I decided to position TTS as the place that discusses both topics in depth. The rest is history.

Your recently got married, congrats!  I read about how you guys met in Bazaar (lucky!).  What is you guys’ secret to balancing  the busy entrepreneur life and personal life?

Haha, find me someone who actually does this perfectly. It’s hard, not going to lie. We work together and pretty intensely too. Our secret to not killing eachother is treating ourselves to frequent dinners out, and staying active in our personal lives (gym, friends, etc). I don’t apologize for taking quick weekend trips, nor do I apologize for sleeping in one day (though it’s rare). That’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur… you don’t have to answer to anyone, not even eachother. And we both recognize when we’ve had a rough work week and will be extra gentle on one another that week. 🙂

I am a big fan of your Boss Babes series because it’s all about supporting each other [girl power!].  How were these series born? And what do these series mean to you?

Thank you! I love profiling people but given that the whole site doesn’t revolve around that, we thought labeling interviews as “series” would make them more popular. We have a couple of them (Boss Babes and Wednesdays With), and maybe more in the near future — who knows! Boss Babes was definitely inspired by the Girl Boss movement (I’m a Sophia Amoruso fan through and through.) For me, it was a way to network with women I admire and to create an online community of strong, entrepreneurial women who handle their business in style. Very proud of that series.

How did you build TTS and such a badass team of contributors?

That would be a long answer, but the short version is that I never wanted it to stay a traditional “blog” where it was about me. I brought other people on board for that reason, and created a brand voice guideline to keep consistency. We have had over 30 contributors to this date, and currently have around 15 frequent ones.

A self proclaimed food addict [life is too short for diets!]…How did you get involved and interested in the food industry?  Any exciting foodie projects coming up?

My romance with food really started when I moved to Manhattan. I was 17. I started working in hospitality, hostessing and waitressing at places like Tao Restaurant and countless others throughout the years. I spent most of my money on dining out — probably more than I did my clothes (#noshame). My love affair with it has always been around experience though. I loved discovering restaurants, and exploring cuisines. That has never left me.  And not exactly food but my upcoming cafe/spa, Chillhouse, will have a bit of a food element. You’ll have to wait and see!

What is your #1 piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Enjoy the process, and do things at your own pace. Don’t compare yourselves to others, but keep an eye on your competition, and always try to be a little different. Last but not least, never stop learning.

All photo credits @cyndiramirez

Special thanks to Cyndi for taking the time to share your priceless knowledge with us!

Follow her journey IG:  @cyndiramirez

Blog: TastetheStyle.com

Food adventures: Denhospitality.com

Coming Soon:  Chillhouse.com

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