This Eleven Paris Bart Tee is a reminder to dream like a child and to go for the unthinkable.

I don’t want to live a life of what if…
So today I’m going for it! Today, I change the path of my journey to unknown grounds.  After a decade in a field that helped shape my life, I say good bye, it was a great ride but I’m ready to pursue my dreams!
Is it scary? Hell yes!!!! But I’ve never been more sure.  Though I’m still unsure of where it will take me or what is next in my professional life, for once I have a clear view of what my life should look like.  I may be “poorer” financially, who knows, that’s the risk we take but my life for sure will be rich in happiness and for once, I feel like a million bucks 😉

This shoot is dedicated to all the dreamers, the risk takers, and the doers!

Spread the love and have fun like a child 😉











Peace out LA imma go see the world real quick!

Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Eleven Paris Bart tshirt

Zara ankle boots similar here

Textured pleather mini find similar here

OPTX Solar Plexus Chakra glasses

“Kapitan” sailor hat I got in Poland 🙂

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