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Do you have a pair of jeans that you just can’t let go of?  They say we should purge of anything we haven’t used in over 6 months, men included! I kid, kid…😜  I do agree with this (the jean part!) and have been diligently disposing of “mostly” all clothes I don’t make much use of, but for but some obscure reason I can’t get rid of these Armani jeans.  It’s a weird romantic attachment to a piece of denim that rarely gets to touch my body.  Maybe I’ve kept them in hopes boot cut jeans will come back in style but really, did this style ever leave?  Maybe I should just keep telling myself that…Bootcut jeans are cool, bootcut jeans are cool!!!  Or I can finally just admit it, I love what these jeans do to my derrière!  So just stop following the “what’s in” rules because after all, you can wear what you want!



Outfit deets @ the end of the post 👖


 armani2A good alternative to the braless look is a cute peekaboo lace bralette.  For those of us who are not down with the free the nip movement (.)(.) At least for now 😜

armani8Playful accents are not just for kids anymore!  Love adding these playful charms and puffs to all my purses. 💋🍒

armani4#90sKidForever Still loving 90s thangs like my satin choker ❤️

armani10A summer body suit is a must-have item in my closet.  My winter one is basically the same just long sleeved because you can’t go wrong with a little ballet inspo. 🙆🏽

armani7Want to give a fresh update to your favorite jeans?  These cute pins are the answer!  I originally bought them for my jackets but have been using them on so much more! #lol #smile #inlove
armani9Found more wings by the talented Colette Miller 👼🏽

📍Guelaguetza My favorite Mexican restaurant for the most authentic Oaxacan food experience!

armani11If you don’t want to spend your rent money on those Diors get these! Got them at a kiosk at The Grove ❤️ them!  Shop look below.


Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Sunglasses I got mine at the Grove in LA but here is a the same style at A’Gaci

Choker Forever 21

Body suit Zara on sale!

Forever 21 pin set & keychains, I bought mine in-store (not available online) but here are some cute options!

Pom Pom keychain Etsy has tons to choose from!

Zara Heels & Purse.

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