Celebrating Spring with these Zara floral trousers and my new stunnah shades from SPCTL.  I realized I did not own any printed bottoms until I got these…whaaaa??!  Is it just me or is it freaking hard to find great print bottoms?  Maybe?  Or is it  just an excuse to play it safe?  Either way, this was my wake-up call to start being more adventurous with my threads!  

Floral trousers may not seem like one of those versatile pieces but they are!  So many ways to pair up floral trousers but you can never go wrong with a simple white tee.  Other top ideas to pair up florals is a rock vintage tee, a crop top, a bikini top and for shoes well there’s no rules!  Pair it with mules, classic sneakers, platforms, espadrilles, wedges and the list goes on!

Minimalism is great but there’s nothing quite like a eclectic pant.  Wishing you all a colorful Spring season!

Besos 💋

SPCTL hooking me up for Spring with these sunnies ☀️ If you love style for a smart price you must visit them at www.SPCTL.com

Want it?  Click gold text 😉

Zara trousers

SPCTL sunglasses

Forever 21 white tee

Zara heels – old.  Shop their new collection

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