The Frida Kahlo Restaurant Riviera Maya is paving a new way of gastronomy.  A futuristic way of dinning that ironically takes you, well, to the past.  Have you ever heard of Gastro Mapping?  I had not heard of this until I dined at The Frida Kahlo Experience Riviera Maya.  The only restaurant in Latin America offering this exhilarating dinning experience.  Gastro Mapping invites all the 5 senses to come out and play.  Taste and smell a mouthwatering & picturesque 6-course meal, see the walls and your dish come alive with Frida’s colorful story, listen to the melodies of her life, and connect with her favorite dishes specially crafted for the new millennium.

As Alejandro Tamayo, the Frida Kahlo Restaurants’ CEO explains, “no matter what you do, be an artist at it.”   Frida Kahlo restaurant, mission achieved!  The Frida Kahlo Experience keeps evolving so no 2 times you visit will be the same.  I can tell you all day about this experience but I’d rather show you a little piece of it.  The word “experience” keeps coming up, because that is exactly what it is – something to be, experienced.

Special thanks to Alejandra Tamez and the team at Frida Kahlo Restaurant Riviera Maya for inviting us to this beautiful dinning experience.

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For more information and reservations (984) 980 0595 & for U.S. +52 1 (984) 980 0595 or  

Located on 5th Ave. and 8th st. Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Here’s a little sneak peek on my Frida Kahlo Experience!

Another shout out to my videographer aka my boo!  Thank you for always coming along these adventures! ❤️

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