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I am incredibly delighted I get to write about my heroine, my fashion icon, and a woman I like to learn from everyday.  Frida Kahlo was a multifaceted diamond.  She shined everywhere she set foot in and it wasn’t necessarily because of her physical beauty.  She always felt strange and flawed (same here girl!).  I think she was beautiful but in that day and age she was so ahead of the time from the way she dressed to her forward thinking.  She never felt she fit in.  However, her genius turned these attributes in to a positive for the world to see and anyone that came across her path was immediately addicted to her.  The artist was friends with Picasso, Leon Trotsky, Pablo Nuera and of course married to the most recognized muralist Diego Rivera.  I admire her magnetism the most.  She let her creativity glow from the way she dressed to painting her honest reality.  As she once said, “they thought I was a surrealist, but I wasn’t.  I never painted dreams.  I painted my own reality.”  And that day at her home, for the first and probably the last, I witnessed incredible beauty provoked by the deepest pain.


“Beauty and ugliness are a mirage because others end up seeing our interior.”

—Frida Kahlo

The Frida Kahlo Museum AKA The Blue House is  located in a pinturesque town called Coyoacan about 30 minutes from Mexico City.  The Blue House is where Frida grew up and passed in 1954.  She had a difficult life but she accomplished more than some of us could ever wish for.  After the train accident, she had 22 back surgeries and a leg amputated but those who knew her never heard a complaint.  Some claimed to not even know of her disabilities until the day she passed.  She found clever ways to adorn her body to draw attention to her upper body and away from her legs and lower body.  I like to think there is so much to learn from this concept in fashion.  None of us are perfect and for as flawed as one may feel, there is a beautiful uniqueness to each one of us.  Because no one else is exactly like you, so let it shine!

“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better.”

—Frida Kahlo


Dalí 💋


Learn more about The Frida Kahlo Museum here Spanish & Frida Kahlo English.

frida8If you want to feel the energy and the serene feeling of the home make sure you get there before noon and if you can avoid weekends.frida4The iconic dress from Vogue 😍  Contrary to belief the iconic photo by Nickolas Murray was never on the cover of Vogue Paris 1939.  Vogue México finally published the famous photo in 2012 as an ode to the artist titled “Las Aparencias Engañan” (Appearances can be Deceiving).frida1Frida after her leg amputation.frida5Frida was the avant-garde epitome.  Many of her pieces seem as though they are from today’s fashion.  This wardrobe exhibition was just discovered in 2004 and had been locked up for 50 years.frida6She is the muse to many designers today like Jean Paul Gaultier (center), Comme des Garçons (right) and Dai Rees (left).frida9frida11Her work station on the second floor of the home.frida3frida7Frida inspired rocker Patti Smith in so many ways but it was a visit in 2012 that inspired her to write this song in the moment & perform it at Casa Azul. More here.frida10

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For her complete works & biography click here.

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