Is good style complicated? Elaborate? Risqué? Expensive? No. No. No. AND NO.  “I don’t admire these women because I want to dress like them, I admire them because they own their style,” Leandra Medine from Man Repeller explains in THIS refreshing piece on personal style.  This got me thinking of the times I have doubted my style because it did not resemble that of the ones frolicking around in fashion week.  Silly.

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Good style is as vague as trying to answer the question of what is beautiful? or What is good hair? And so on…Let’s skip all the BS, that answer is reserved strictly for you!  Magazines, famous bloggers, and celebs seem to dictate what’s hot and what’s out.  However, at the end of the day I’m not trying to have (what I call) “time capsule” style, so easily depicted by the day I wore it.  This visual diary is my fun way to capture moments dressed in “me” style.  Harmoniously wearing “what’s in” with “what’s out.” 💃🏽

It’s ok to not be dressed in labels.  It’s ok to not dress like Carrie Bradshaw (one style I admire because she owns it).  It’s ok to not wear heels everyday (or tolerate them only for an hour).  It’s OK to dress like you.  Good style is your style.

So own it girl!


Dalí 💋


Special thank you to Homecoming Honolulu for hooking a girl up with this fabulous cami & shorts. #essentials 🔝

Peep out this uber cool Hawaii 🌺 based shop & shop look @end of post.

Dressed in some cool new and old pieces.  @HM Jacket @homecominghonolulu cami & shorts @asos OTKB

lulu10Play with textures by mixing them like I did with satin, suede, and shiny pleather.

lulu9This Homecoming Honolulu Cami & Shorts you will see a lot of!  The relaxed but sexy fit it’s just perfection.  This cami & shorts have become new members of my “essentials family”. ✔️

lulu2“Look in to my eyes” mural at 📍The Line Hotel, Koreatown by London based artist Dface.  Tip:  Do not cross the sidewalk line closest to the mural or a hotel security will come out & ask you to take pics behind the sidewalk line lol!  SO strange. 👽 #thismuralhasprivatesecurity

lulu8What I love about this outfit is the individuality and versatility of each piece.  I can wear each piece a million different ways!  This is the secret to smart shopping 📕

lulu7I think it’s time for a haircut 💇🏽  Should I go short this year?

lulu4For as dangerous as they look, these boots are incredibly comfortable!  Good style doesn’t have to hurt!

Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Homecoming Honolulu Cami & Shorts

H&M Jacket 

Ray Ban Metal Clubmasters

ASOS OTK Boots This is 2016’s version I got mine last year 🙂

Nixon rose gold watch

Curated Gold Hair Tie Bracelets

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