Joshua, I’ve known you much before you were Instagram famous…

Today, over a couple million people visit Joshua Tree National Park a year.  The park was once a favorite of artists or anyone looking for solitude and a beautifully unique landscape.  Growing up, for me, it was just “more” desert [I’m from the desert] with the funny scarecrow trees.

Today is not the same, and just like we were respectfully shooting on this magical place, I must have seen at least 4 other photo shoots in a matter of a couple of hours.  Its popularity, doesn’t make it any less beautiful, but like anything/anyone famous, it is always rolling with an entourage.  I don’t care how Hollywood you have become, to me you will always be that park with the funny trees.  I love you Joshua and thank you for sharing your beauty with us.

Once again, I traveled to another beautiful desert destination to shoot beautiful little things with Hanky Panky and photographer rebel Becky Yee. Come see how I mix the rugged beauty of the dessert with the feminine power of Hanky Panky.

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Photo Credits:  Becky Yee Photography 

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