Ohana means Family

My new lunch obsession is called Ohana Poke Co!  They have a simple Hawaiian poke bowls consisting of sashimi style fish and rice bowls in which you have to glorious freedom to choose the way your fish is seasoned, veggie toppings and the choice to top off with avocado and/or fish roe.  A few other extras are available to compliment this mouth watering bowl.  They have rotating fruit waters and to my luck today was watermelon yum yum!  🙂  The fruity freshness compliments the tuna and the spicyness just like the gods intended!  I have tried the chili mango (pictured) Hawaiian Poke bowl, the ohana shoyu, and the spicy tuna all great but my absolute fave so far was the chili mango with kimchi cucumbers, topped with avocado.  Last but not least the place lives up to their Hawaiian motto…Ohana means family.  From the moment I walked in, I felt the welcoming vibe and they certainly spread the love with their gorgeous food.  Felt like home and they treat you like family…and that’s what I loved them most!

Viva Ohana!

For more on these scrumptious Hawaiian Poke bowls go to Ohanapokebowl.com






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