I have been in the Riviera Maya for almost a month now and I finally feel like I am settling in with the caribbean life.  Adjusting to the humid weather has also been a big change but I have been loving every minute!  In Playa, I’m all about little to no make up (check out this pic above I’m melting! — Hence this is only the second time I’m wearing some makeup in a month), doubling beach wear as street wear and getting creative with scarfs to tame the mane.

I learned a lot from my past trip here, and that was to not over pack unnecessary things.  I made it a goal to pack only one suitcase and no carry on.  Trust me that was a hard task (first world problems, I know) but packing for an indefinite trip can be a bit nerve-racking!  (We’re playing it by ear so might be staying a month or 2 more.  I’ll keep you guys posted!)

I accomplished this task by packing only those pieces that I can wear many different ways.  In other words how can I turn my beachwear as streetwear?  One of the ways are bikinis as tops, high waisted bottoms to go with bikinis tops and scarfs/sarongs I can wear to the beach and as accessories.  Oh and never, ever, ever, ever waste your luggage space packing heels!  That was my biggest mistake last time, so this time, I only packed one pair of mules and a bunch of cute sandals 🙂

In Playa del Carmen is not only a statement to wear a cute head scarf but it’s almost a necessity because of the extreme humidity.  So I wanted to play with one of my sarongs from one of my favorite stores in Playa, Caravan, and wear it as a head wrap.  I fell in love with this look!  What do you guys think?  Here are some of my fave looks to rock a head wrap or head scarf.


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How to wrap head scarf it’s easy!  Just tie scarf twice and tuck in the ends on opposite sides to the back of the scarf.  Voilà!  Mine is a sarong and the size of it gave it an awesome volume!
Choose your bikini tops wisely…Pick styles that resemble a crop top and pair it up with high waisted pants or shorts for an elegant feel.We always travel via Airbnb because of the amazing monthly rates & local feel.  I will say this has to be one my favorite places I’ve stayed at.  Message below if you’d like details 😉  Stay tuned for our next home!

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Sarong – Caravan Playa del Carmen (Similar affordable here) (Similar high end here)

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