Would you leave a dream job to pursue your dream? The next Head Babe in Charge left the perfect job at a high-profile magazine to chase the dream.  Leaving the job a million girls would kill for was “one of the scariest decisions thus far,” she says.  Why would ANYONE leave a dream job!? – to become your OWN BOSS, enough said.

Making any career leap can be scary (I should know, read about my journey) and specially if it involves leaving something good to chase greatness.  That rare breed that we read great stories about in history books and magazines.  The brave ones, the shakers and the doers!  All sounds great but there are the behind the scenes not many talk about like the sleepless nights, the uncertainty about the next paycheck, and the copious amount of wine and tears.  The next HBIC keeps it real with us about the good and the challenges from the Girl Boss world and how she left her 9-5 dream job like a boss.

I am thrilled to introduce the fabulous Boss Babe Caroline Vazzana from Making It In Manhattan blog.  She shares valuable career advice that only comes from experience.  Her inspiring blog is not only visually stimulating (soooo stylishly colorful) but full of amazing career advice for all the hustling ladies out there!

Follow her journey IG @cvazzana and her blog Making it in Manhattan

What was the aha moment that made you decide to leave your 9-5 job to be a Head Babe in Charge?

It’s hard to pin it down to one big moment in particular. Instead, I think it was many small moments that all came together that made me really want to take the plunge. Like when I started my site, MakingManhattan.com or when I started to grow my social media presence and begin to understand how you can make a living off of your personal brand. These were all little aha moments that made me think; wow I want to be my own boss!

What is the secret to the success of your blog — Making it in Manhattan?

I definitely think that my background in editorial really impacted my site. After working at places like Teen Vogue and InStyle, I was able to take everything I’d learned and really put it all into Making it in Manhattan. So I definitely had a head start on things like SEO and writing a catchy headline, which really helped me grow it right from the start.

You’re a fashion editor, blogger, stylist, and consultant…which hat is your favorite?

Every single one is so different so it’s hard to just choose a favorite. I think each one makes me excited in a different way. But, I think when I get a project that let’s me do a little bit of everything, those are my favorites. For example, over the summer, I filmed a campaign video with Wendy’s and Time Inc. I was the blogger chosen to appear in the video, but I was allowed to have a big say in what I wore and help out with the styling and vision of it all, which I really enjoyed.

Your style is super creative and chic!  Who is your muse?

I absolutely love Iris Apfel- she wears whatever makes her feel good and doesn’t care what others think!

What has been the scariest part about being self-employed?  Has there ever been a moment when you thought, “that’s it, I’m going back to a 9-5 job”?   What keeps you going?

I think ay times we all can have self-doubt, but I honestly do my best to stay as positive as I can. When working for yourself, and by yourself, being positive is such a big key to being successful. But I’ve definitely had moments, when I think, well, what’s next? Why I haven’t I gotten any big jobs lately? And, of course, money is an on-going worry when starting out. With that being said though, I haven’t had any moment where I thought about going back. Since I left, I knew it was definitely the right decision. I am very big on visualizing, and seeing the life you want, and I could really see it. I knew it was closer than I thought and with the right steps and hard work I could start to live the life I’ve always dreamed of.

What is your biggest DO and DON’T career advice for anyone looking to start their own business?


Do a lot of research. Figure out what makes your business different and what will set you a part. What will you be adding to the market that hasn’t been done already? Once you can figure out what makes you different, then you will be successful.


Don’t doubt yourself. If you are super passionate and fully believe in your vision, then you will be successful. I always say, no one will believe in you or fight for you more than you.

What does life look beyond Making it in Manhattan and you?  Plans for the near future…

I am always looking to the next thing. I think for me, I really want Making it in Manhattan to be seen as an editorial site in the industry. I want to continue to grow our readership and really amp up our content. I would love to continue partnering with brands on interesting projects and tie them into the site more.

PC @cvazzana

What is the most embarrassing or funny moment you’ve had while working in fashion?

When I was in college, my first interview ever in industry was with VOGUE. I went there to interview for an internship. What I didn’t know though at the time was that you are supposed to always bring your resume with you to an interview. I was so young and it was just something I had never heard before. I was super embarrassed and it’s just one of those moments I look back on now and laugh about.

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