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I brought back a little spirit with me that I picked up at a Mexican bazaar.  It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and a colorful dress caught my attention so I naturally approached it like a hungry hawk. 👀  A beautiful smile greeted me immediately, her name is Rosana, the indie designer of this ray of sunshine. ☀️  All her designs were what I dream my summer wardrobe would look like, flowy fabrics and effortlessly sexy cuts.  I couldn’t stop thinking about that yellow backless dress, yet I couldn’t convince myself to rock a long yellow dress.  She assured me yellow is a great color for my skin tone, which I absolutely agree but is just one of those colors I need to experiment a little more with.  I gasped, how I wished the dress was white feeling like a total jerk right after saying that.  To my pleasant surprise Rosana immediately suggested she can make me a white one and my day was made!  A couple of days later, my fairy Spiritum godmother appeared with the most beautiful white dress I have ever owned and I wore it happily ever after. 💫

Muchisimas gracias Rosana & Spiritum team por hacerme el vestido mas lindo que e visto!

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Unapologetically colorful accessories is the name of my game.  Fun pops of color to liven up my favorite all-white outfits. 🎨  I am yet to get tired of this combo, doubt I ever will.  It took me a while to figure out my signature style and once I did I never let go, kind of like finding that forever type of love. 💘  This is a blessing and a curse because at times it keeps me from taking risks with other colors, like yellow for example.  Ironic thing is that I love bold colors but in humble moderation.



Outfit deets @ the end of the post 👘


spirit12Obsessed with Lock, Stock & Barrel in DTLA.  Custom pieces and patches galore are amongst my favorites here! Indie designers rock!

*Note: I did not buy this dress here.


This Spiritum dress has so much soul and I can feel the love it was made with. 💛  The indie designer is based out of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.  Rosana is focused on creating designs fully Mexican from the fabrics to the craftsmanship.  Beautifully made by artisan hands with 100% cotton and linen.  Inspired by the vibrance of the Mexican caribbean and the cool elegance of the region is something that won over my heart.  Rosana explained her biggest inspiration is the quintessential woman  with a bright Spiritum, the world nomad, the joyous soul, the fighter, the warrior within but most importantly the dreamer, the girl who dreams with their eyes open.

noun | spir·i·tum | spirit

spirit11These funky mirror shades and pom pom sandals the perfect pals for my Spiritum dress 👯

spirit13#Basic 😜  The famous DTLA angel wings are a must picture to take with a beautiful message behind it…

“Created to remind humanity that we are the angels of this earth”  ~Colette Miller

spirit7Old school cat eye glasses with a modern twist.  Shop the look at the end of the post 💸

spirit1With the heat wave in LA this “beach look” was perfect for a day in the town.

spirit10I initially obsessed with the Elina Linardaki Penny Lane sandals and then I found these beauties for half the price! ❤️  Shop look below!

spirit14Simplicity goes such a long way!  Simple can be sexy too with unexpected ways to show skin.  Shoulders and back have to be what I consider the sexiest body parts of a woman. 💕

Mural by Tristan Eaton📍Zip Fusion Sushi Little Tokyo.


Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Spiritum dress *Shop for dress on Facebook  Her website is in the works 😉  Let me know if you need help placing an order with her she will deliver to your doorstep. 💌

Zara pom pom sandals

Forever 21 sunglasses

Clutch I got in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at Caravan

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