A lifestyle blog was born last year in a Downtown Los Angeles loft.  I felt “Haunted” by my “nine-to-five to stay alive.”  Well said Bey…well said (Beyoncé fans where you at!).  Rewind to that late night after a long work day, I was brutally reminded by Queen Bey that I was living a dream-less life.  No hobbies, no dreams just a job that paid the bills, and allowed me to go on a measly week vacation twice a year.

A few minutes of blank staring later, I turned to my boyfriend and asked him if he could show me how to build a website.  His face lit up and asked if I had finally decided to leave my job.  I was sad to burst his bubble; however, I had something even better than that.  I had decided to start a blog to pursue my passion for writing and fashion.  He gave a kind smile of approval and we got to work that very night.  After getting my best friend José on board, Jossé & Dalí lifestyle blog was born.

This past year was a learning experience full of trial and error.  I learned so much about the makings of a blog and still have so much to learn.  I never imagined the behind the scenes work it involves and the challenges along the way, like having the blog crash and lose it all.  The cyber world can be one cruel B but this Bish can take on a challenge 😉  I have come some ways.  From barely being able to text, surviving the big blog crash depression, to a rebrand and yet, I still feel the colorful little butterflies I did a year ago.

Although this blog is still a teeny speck in the cyber world, I am forever grateful for this adventure because it led me to a different life.  Three months after starting Jossé & Dalí lifestyle blog, I finally had the courage to leave my job and start my own business.  A scary monster that is, but a reminder that we must remain curious and uncomfortable.  Comfort and lack of growth scares me more than anything.  The feeling of “something is missing” and “dead end job” was the sign that it was time to work on me and move on.   This blog woke up something in me I didn’t know was in there comfortably sleeping.  I woke up that lazy bish and I have not looked back.

Stylish Little Stories is about sharing the dream and my honest experience along the way.  I will continue to share colorful stories and continue to pursue my dreams of collaborating with the Huffington Post, other influencers and brands. Let’s share the dream!  This blog post is a celebration of the past and the future adventures.  Please follow José’s uber cool style @hewhoinspires_ and be on the lookout for his new Men’s blog launching soon.  Much love bestie!  Forever thankful for all the great times we had building Jossé & Dalí.


Dalí 💋

Inspire.  Be you.  You’re unique.


stylish1Mural by Free Humanity in DTLA. This is where we took our first ever blog photos. ❤️img_8218stylish8Beyond happy and grateful to be able to share this journey with you all 🎈
stylish3This jacket’s details though! #zara Loving the vintage vibes.stylish9stylish7Staying true to my style. Casual classics mixed with statement pieces. Find your style by sticking to pieces that feel like second skin/comfortable but be daring at times 😉 stylish2stylish4Love these sparkly Vince Camuto pumps! I’m a big fan of VC shoes because of the material quality.  Super soft leather, no need to break them in!stylish10

Want it?  Click gold text 😉

Zara Embroidered Jacket

White tank similar here

Boyfriend Jeans similar here

Vince Camuto Pumps similar low end & similar high end



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