This Valentine’s day I want to celebrate love, all types of love.  Love sees no race, gender, disability, shape, or religion.  Love only feels.  No matter how annoying this holiday can be at times, it’s what we make of it.  This day is not about elaborate and expensive gifts, it’s about making that extra effort to show our love and appreciation for those we care for.  Perhaps we need, yet another holiday to be reminded of the way we are supposed to be everyday?  Call mom, dad, or friend you  haven’t called in a while just to say hello and I love you.  In theory, we don’t need a holiday to know how important love is, or do we?

Love is love and we all have at least one person we adore and that must be celebrated.  My colorful bouquet represents just that!  if you are reading this, I’m forever thankful for your support of this little humble blog of mine.  I hope to continue to spread the love through my little adventures.

Happy Valentine’s day!

All my Love,


love8You make me better.


love4My favorite bucket bag!

love11 copy

love1Who says you can’t fly in heels 😉

love10Pop Daisies, thank you boo!

love570s vibe on heavy rotation!  Natural hair waves, ruffles, suede and heart shaped glasses.

love2These heels! Comfy, cute, & affordable!  Shop look below 😉


Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Forever 21 Chambray dress

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Vitasta Bucket bag

Heart Shaped sunglasses similar here

Baublebar cuff bracelet

Lips Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

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