Meet Melissa Rodriguez the HBIC behind Mel Rod Style.  This boss babe has 7 years of blogging under her belt, so to say this least this babe is a blogging pioneer.  She began her blogging journey as a creative outlet for her DIYs and this side hustle quickly grew in to a business.  I truly admire the hustle of creating something fueled purely by raw passion.  Hustling type of chica and this is what makes Melissa a Head Babe in Charge.

I started following Mel’s journey because of her versatility of turning one piece in to many looks.  I feel she has a way of connecting with everyday fashion girls like me while delivering some strong inspiration.  After so many years of blogging, Mel has been been able to remain unique and connected to her readers.  Although Mel has a total reach of about 41.6k, this girl has managed to remain humble and that to me as a fan, is truly priceless.

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In this third volume of the HBIC series, I chat with this boss babe about the past and the future of her blogging journey.

I hope you enjoy ❤️

 You have been blogging since 2010.  How different is blogging these days from when you started? 

Yes, I’ve been blogging for quite awhile now. Blogging is so different now than from when I started in so many ways. For one, there are more influencers today than there was a few years ago. I’ve noticed that there are more opportunities to work with brands and companies now, and my instagram has definitely grown faster than when I first created my account.

You have an amazing following, congrats!  When did you realize your blog was taking off?

Awe thank you so much! Honestly, I noticed when I became more consistent and active on both my blog and social media.

Who takes your photos?

I shoot with a blogger friend of mine who I also take her photos. My husband also takes my photos.  

You are an incredibly creative person, love your DIYs!  Do you see yourself designing clothing in the near future? 

That’s so funny you ask, because when I first started my blog, the main focus was my DIYs. I did go to fashion school in hopes to one day have my own shoe line. That is still very much the plan but we shall see. 😉

Your collaboration list is impressive!!! Any advice for bloggers to collaborate with brands like you are? And what was your most memorable collab?

My advice would be to find what makes you stand out. Instead of trying to do what other influencers are doing because it’s working for them, try to find what you are good at and what you love, and stick to it. It’s all about staying consistent and creative. But most importantly, don’t ever give up. There is room for everyone in this industry – you just have to find your niche. Ahh, I’ve worked with so many amazing brands, but if I had to narrow it down, my most memorable collaboration would have to be hosting a Coach event during fashion week, and my collaboration with Kyboe! During Miami Swim week.

All photo credits: @melrodstyle

A million thanks to Mel for taking the time to share your priceless knowledge with us!

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4 thoughts on “HBIC: Melissa Rodriguez from Mel Rod Style”

  1. I am no where near a fashionista nor trying to blog about fashion, but “find what you are good at and what you love, and stick to it. It’s all about staying consistent and creative” has definitely motivated to keep on doing what I love and not think its lame that most my friends think running and dogs and exploring the beach are a boring routine! Lol

    1. Finding “that thing” is the hardest part babe. And you if you have consider yourself lucky 😉 F*** what anyone thinks do you and the happiness will attract those with the same passion.

      Sending you much love mama!

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