Minimalistic style and sleek simplicity were the name of my game at Salvation Mountain.  I decided to keep it simple for the colorful mountain.  Although I immediately regretted wearing these pleather joggers!  HOT beware!  I don’t own a lot of black clothes but when I do wear it has to be head to toe for me.  I am extremely excited to finally parade my sleek & sexy Vitasta backpack.  This gorgeous handmade leather bag is by Indian designer Aditi Vitasta Dhar.  Her brand’s philosophy is luxury+utility and this look is my epitome of affordable luxe.  This minimalistic IT bag it’s everything for fall and winter so get your hands on one before everyone else does 😉

The picturesque mountain made me feel like everything in the world is fine, at least till’ sundown.  The message of Love, Compassion, Harmony, and Peace were everywhere I looked.  My eyes feasted on all the vibrant colors and the beautiful messages plastered everywhere along with images from nature and a museum.

I am a week and a half in to my new journey and visiting this place was incredibly inspiring. Here’s what I learned…

Life can take us through ups and downs but that’s much better than living on a flat line. Booooring!  I don’t know what crazy paths life will take me through but all I can hope for is to see a lot of places and meet a lot of different people.  Continue to love like crazy and live several lives before I leave this earth.  I’m sure Leonard Knight, growing up in Vermont never imagined to end up in the middle of the desert and build a magnificent national treasure.  His first mountain collapsed, and he thanked God for letting him know it wasn’t safe.  This was a reminder to stay positive and for as cliche as it sounds “everything happens for a reason.”




Check out Vitasta here and shop the look at the end of the post.

sm6Minimalistic style to contrast the colorful scenery.


sm5I like the focus of Vitasta of making affordable bags with a luxe feel.


sm3Less is more! You can’t ever go wrong with minimalistic style.  The secret is add different textures and structured pieces like my heels and Vitasta backpack.


Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Vitasta Midi Backpack in Black also comes in Tan!

Zara mules find similar here for an amazing price!

Against The Sun shades -Check out their Instagram

Zara high neck top

Forever 21 pleather joggers

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