The Mosaic Tile house is exactly what my heaven looks exactly like.  Colorful, fun, and full of surprises.  This ambitious art project all began in their restroom over 2 decades ago, with two artists and a vision to make this house pretty.  The Mosaic Tile House kind of just happened as Cheri Pann explains.  A little house remodeling project while they waited for their art studio to be built.  Cheri Pann is the artist behind the tiles & the stained glass while Gonzalo brings it all to life.  The mosaic tile house must be at least 99% covered in mosaic, paintings,  and found/gifted objects.  The most incredible part of all this?  This is real functioning house!  The artists live and work here, as you will notice in the kitchen photos below.  This is literally, a living and breathing piece of art in which Gonzalo and Cheri continue to grow.  I got to spend some time with the artists and the story goes much deeper than a beautification project turned a magnificent piece of art.

This couple is real, and by real I mean a true love story.  The love is felt and seen everywhere.  Cheri’s favorite painting subject is Gonzalo and their love story.  Gonzalo lights up, as he showed us the moving forms he created depicting their love story in a magical metaphorical way.  I took no photos of these intimate creations because you must see and hear it from the artists.

So how did I find the mosaic tile house?  It was also by chance!  We were heading to Venice and decided to take a side street and boom there it was!  The plan wasn’t to do photos here but I couldn’t miss the opportunity before leaving on a long trip.  I mean really, who cares about my outfit!  Look at this place ♥  I always support the arts and this here is like nothing I’ve ever seen, so I encourage you all to visit Cheri and Gonzalo at the Mosaic Tile House in Venice Beach.  Prepare to be blown away by their welcoming and humble souls and the heaven they have created for all of us to enjoy.

Thank you for your hospitality Cheri & Gonzalo!




mosaic12Everything from stained glass to painting is done by hand…swoon ♥

mosaic11The Magical entrance to the Mosaic Tile House!

mosaic13Little bits of wisdom in every step with some classic Chucks. #essentials

mosaic14So happy comfy sporty styles are back in full force!  Wear sneakers, sports bras, and athletic jackets mixed with dressier pieces like trousers, skirts/dresses, & heels.

mosaic5Fully functioning kitchen with a retro stove! #goals  Guitars on the turquoise wall are part of their love story, painted by Cheri ♥

mosaic3This has to be the most magical house yard hallway!

mosaic6Cheri’s art studio in the back part of the Mosaic Tile house.  This was an addition to the original home.

mosaic2Florals & leopard = winning combo.  I wear this clutch so much that I’ve already named it ♥  Freshen up a bag with keychains like this pompom fur 😉

mosaic7Happy wife, happy life, as Gonzalo said.

mosaic9Chillin’ on the coolest fence on earth.

mosaic8Where their adventure began ♥  This is what happiness looks like 🙂

mosaic1Whites, spring prints & my calvins.

 Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Zara Bomber Jacket

Zara Trousers

Calvin Klein Bra Top

Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers

My go to clutch by local LA artist Mr. Satire

Pompom fur keychain

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