There is something about a nude dress that makes me feel, well, nude.  Something sexy about that?  Absolutely!  Specially because it’s just the illusion.  The nude dress aka the naked dress was made famous by the daring Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.  Sarah Jessica Parker wore it in the famous SATC episode in which she is determined to allure Mr. Big on their first date.  Took about a decade for Big to get his act together but safe to say the daring number sealed the deal from day one. 💘


For the first time in a long time, I dug in to my memory files about my first date outfit with my Mr. Big.  I’m not sure why I am surprised but my outfit was far from this sexy naked dress.  I wore baggy boyfriend jeans, a peplum top and flip flops.  Thinking back now the outfit sure didn’t scream I want a second date, but it I am glad he saw past my dull style choices.  It’s never too late to bring sexy back for date night and nothing is more perfect than a naked dress á la SJP.

Forever thankful for style icon SJP and of course the genius behind it all Patricia Field!


Dalí 💋


nude1My modern take on the naked dress by throwing on a oversized denim jacket and sprinkling a few lapel pins and a pom pom for a dash of attitude. 💁🏽

nude2A wardrobe staple:  Nude strappy heels!  These Zara heels are my fave.  The chunkier heel and slightly ticker toe strap make them super comfortable.

nude4Even the outside of La Luz de Jesus Gallery is surreal!  The OG gallery is located in 📍Los Feliz, exhibiting a cool dose of street art, pop surrealism, fine and sequential art.

nude5How to pick a naked dress:  I prefer when a nude dress is slightly different than my skin tone.  I just find it much more tasteful than matching to your exact tone.  On the contrary, matching your heels to your exact skin tone is incredibly flattering.

nude6I love wearing a minimalistic dress with minimal and sleek contemporary accessories.  Less is more for the naked dress. 😎

Want it?  Click blue text 😉


H&M Necklace & bracelet. Not online yet.

F21 Denim jacket 

Zara heels-old. Similar fave HERE

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