One of the must places to visit in Puerto Rico is Piñones Beach and food market.   We took a little trip to Piñones beach after enjoying our morning at Carolina beach.  We decided to make our way over to the Piñones Farmers Market for some delish seafood, an incredible view, and some cold beverages.

DSC_3412If there is one thing Dali and I love more than the beach, is drinking coconut water at the beach. We had to make a quick stop, have a drink and relax by listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. #chin-chin

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 3.09.08 PM

pr1The beach at Piñones was by far the most quiet and relaxing beach we experienced. This beach was mostly friendly locals who are eager for you to try their one of a kind food. Dalia and I started by ordering oysters and then tried some of their famous empanadadillas.

DSC_3408Bacalaitos, alcapurrias and pionos empanadas filled with either fish, octopus, shrimp or meat were by far the highlight of the day. The best empanada had to be the shrimp one.

DSC_3419Last but not least, we had our full course meal at Puertas del Mar Restaurant. There we had a large fried fish and shrimp al mojo de ajo and fried plantains.

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Jossé & Dalí


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