Why visit Poland?  Why not!  Poland is the sleeping giant of Europe.  Waiting to be explored by the rest of the world.  My boyfriend grew up here and I promised you my opinion is not biased! ♥  Poland has come a long way since the wall came down, and it’s stronger and more beautiful than ever!  One city to visit is Wroclaw, it has been named the “European City of Culture of 2016”.  Hosting festivals, concerts, conferences and other art and culture happenings.  This medieval city is one of many in Poland, but what makes it so special?   The many ancient bridges, architecture and the food!  Come here prepared to gain a few pounds since beer is as cheap as water if not cheaper!  The picturesque “Rynek” (central square or city center) is still the place where locals and tourists alike gather for delicious food, drinks, and some good ol’ people watching.

We traveled from the Berlin border all the way to the Baltic Sea coast and I can talk about all the beauty along the way, but if I can recommend another city to visit is Krakow.  We stayed at the Hotel Pod Różą, the oldest standing hotel in Krakow built during the Renaissance.  This is one of many of the charming yet mysterious hotels in Krakow full of history and beauty, oh and those gorgeous cave-like underground pools!  Krakow in one word is magical.  Horse carriage rides still exist here!  This city has a mythical look and feel.  Legend say it was founded by a dragon…I say it was a knight in silver shinning armor 😉  The Rynek here is adorned with grand gothic churches, museums, and Europe’s largest market square.  Krakow has evolved as one of the most diverse and developed cities in Poland but the old charm is what keeps me wanting more.




pol2Cobbled stones + colorful buildings in the center of Wrocław.

pol4Wroclaw ♥ What’s not to love about this!

pol7The Wieliczka Salt Mines.  This incredible 400 year old chapel of St. Kinga is built entirely from salt, from the floor to the chandeliers!  The chapel is 101 meters below the surface and is one of 5 chapels underground!

monopolLucky to have experienced the Hotel Monopol in which Picasso created the famous “Dove of Peace”.  The Monopol interior has been transformed in to a sexy black marbled, sleek, and minimalistic luxurious hotel.


pol5Beautiful gothic architecture can be seen all over Poland. This Church is in Wroclaw.

pol1Sofitel Grand Hotel in Sopot Beach near Gdańsk.  Amazing seafood and beer in hand at all times 🙂

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