Puerto Rico Part I

Visiting Puerto Rico was unlike any other place I’ve visited.  Why you may ask?  The warm and welcoming Puerto Rican people and their upbeat culture.  The beats of salsa roam through the streets from sun up to sun down.  The smells of dishes like “mofongo”, the most popular dish on the island, and rum mojitos will make a foodie fall in love.  Old San Juan, Puerto Rico was by far my favorite, the 500 year old city is adorned with colorful buildings and guarded by castles.  It’s safe to say, I will be back soon!




Outfit deets below 🙂



Those close to me know I’ve had a long time obsession with red.  The warn tone naturally attracts me, specially in colorful Old San Juan.  It is the color of love after all 😉pr9

The iconic door called “MONOESTRELLADA” by Puerto Rican artist Rosenda Ålvarez.  Click here for a great article on how the piece was conceived.


Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Custom made Panama Hat Olé Puerto Rico check out the article about Olé in the NY Times

Birkenstock Madrid sandal

Striped top H&M similar here

Denim low rise Shorts Hollister

Clubmaster classic Ray ban

White button up top ANGL

White coral ring Playa del Carmen

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