The Riviera Maya holds a special place in my heart.  Why? Because it’s damn beautiful!  From my favorite turquoise waters in Isla Mujeres, colorful streets + cenotes in Tulum, the mezcal in Playa del Carmen, & the most orgasmic seafood I’ve ever had.  Seriously.  Every area feels completely new.  Playa del Carmen has it all.  The best Oaxacan food and Mezcal, amazing beaches full of gorgeous people, shopping centers, beach clubs and night clubs.  Let’s just say it’s convenient and very familiar to stay here.

Tulum is a little less developed (compared to Cancun and Playa but not to be mistaken these beaches are hip and gorgeous.  Feels as though it has been taken over by young + hip Americans and Europeans.  Most restaurants by the beach offer fancy drink concoctions and gourmet cuisine.  The streets are lined up with colorful art galleries and boutique hotels.  My must thing to do here is the Mayan ruins followed by a dip in the quaint little beach right below the ruins.

Last but not least, my favorite beach in the Riviera Maya is Isla Mujeres.  I adore this island because it has managed to maintain the rich Mexican Caribbean culture mixed with a dash Cuban influence.  Many Cubans live here as musicians so the old salsa skills come out to play in Isla!  Tourists, not staying in the Island have to be gone by 6pm with the last ferry so the island it’s truly chill by the end of the day.  Last but not least, the beach it’s just better here!  Can’t really put my finger on so just have to go see for yourself 😉

Amor + Paz,


cabo4Posada Punta Piedra Hotel-Tulum

can1Mayan Ruins gracing the Mexican caribbean coast.  The riviera maya has so much to offer and fun for all ages!

can7Cutest beach right below the Tulum ruins.

can4Isla Mujeres, beauty all over!  I think I’m moving here one day ♥

can3This hidden seafood gem in Tulum doesn’t even have a name, I just know how to get there 😉  Best. ***UPDATE: Sadly on my most recent 2016 visit to this place, I found it no longer exist and they are now building yet another boojie place.

can8Hello, Mermaids! Playa del Carmen.

can2Hottest + most humid place I’ve ever been to but totally worth it.  📍Chichen Itza.

So much to do, so much to see in the Riviera Maya!  You can never go wrong with a little Mexican Caribbean trip 🙂  So book that AirBnB and explore one of my favorite places in the world! Any suggestions for things to do?  I would love to hear them!

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