I would like to think every girl has a girl crush.  Do you?  If you don’t, you bettah get one!  A girl crush is the kind of girl you usually look up to for major inspiration.  For me, that girl is Roxana Velazco from Hello it’s Roxie Lifestyle blog.  This Head Babe in Charge has it going on!  Countless collaborations, a thriving modeling a career – she’s basically perfect 😍 and an all-around inspiring life!

This real-life latina barbie has almost 20k followers on IG that all agree with me.  Below, I chat with this born & bred LA girl about her career, blogging (of course) and how her childhood shaped her future.  Meet the boss babe behind Hello it’s Roxie & our #6 Head Babe in Charge, Roxie!

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Enjoy! 💋

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You’re a fellow Mexicana!  Where did you grow up?  Was your blog born in Mexico or LA?

I was born in Los Angeles but growing up my grandfather was ill a lot so we spent 5 months out of each year in Nayarit, watching over him. I loved it! I had the best of both worlds the cool city vibe and the beautiful country side of Nayarit.

Love your casual tomboy chic style!  What are your top 3 essentials?

My style is pretty laid back and although I am pretty girly, I like to dress comfortably. One of my essentials is a cool and comfortable pair of sneakers. Sneakers are so dope! They make everything look so effortless and cool. Another essential, is a great pair of Levi’s. I wear denim almost on a daily basis because it’s diverse and easy to style. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with loafers so I think those are pretty essential to my wardrobe today. Loafers add sophistication to any outfit. I love truly them!

You’ve done tons of collabs…At what point in your blogging career did you start collaborating with brands or bloggers? 

Truth or Myth…You need to have thousands of followers to collaborate with brands?

I think it’s different for every blogger. Brands started reached out to me two years after I started my blog. I’ve collaborated with small and big brands. Some care about your “followers” some don’t. It really depends on the brand. My best friend is a blogger too, (pretty in leather) so she was the first blogger I collaborated with. Ha!

What is your #1 DO advice and #1 DON’T advice for aspiring bloggers?

My advise to any aspiring blogger is to invest in a good camera. If your photos are clean and nice more brands will work with you. Better quality photos look professional. Now, That doesn’t mean that every single photo has to be perfect. I have plenty of blurry pics but I try my best to keep them clean.

  Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself! As cheesy as it sounds, today, many people aren’t themselves because they think they’re suppose to be like the rest of the world. Being different and sharing your own style will make you shine. If people don’t like what you post that’s ok. 🙂

Do you blog full-time?  If not…how else do you spend your time?  Any exciting projects/plans coming up? 

I blog part time. I also model for a few ecommerce companies. On my free time I really enjoy being alone. I like to read, cook, listen to music, sometimes I paint or work on puzzles. Lol! I run ever day with my pitbull (even on the rainy days), I always make sure to make time for my family and friends though. One of my passions is traveling so any chance I get I fly away even if I’m traveling alone.

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Special thanks to Roxie for taking the time to share your priceless knowledge with us!

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Blog: www.HelloitsRoxie.com

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