In the last Salvation Mountain Post we told you about the amazing artist and history about this rad place that advocates the message of LOVE.  In this post we want to tell you a little history about us and how we found our friendship.  So here’s where it all began…About 10 years ago, I was a young inexperienced manager in training at a “used to be cool” little store, which shall remain nameless.  Jossé, a young kid looking for his first job, was hired by yours truly.  As told by Jossé, he recalls walking in to my office to meet a “hootchie girl” LMAO! with a button up shirt tied in a knot baring her belly and some cut off super low rise shorts.  Oh my!!! What the hell was I thinking???  but hey this was early 2000s and I was all about those beach vibes 😉  Jossé impressed me with his maturity and polite manners so naturally he was hired! I very quickly found out he was the funniest guy I’ve ever met and we clicked immediately.

Our relationship was mostly business but we always had fun at work.  We both moved on to other adventures and then I moved away for college.  Moving away distanced us physically but we never lost touch.  Jossé and I always made time to get together and catch up.  And one glorious day he moved to Los Angeles to do his Masters degree gosh this had to be one of the happiest days of my life!  Can I just say how freaking proud I am of this guy?  I have to brag about him because he is one of the most humble people on this earth and that is reason #174,938,657,634,658,726,378 of why I love him!

In our lifetime we are very lucky to have at least one true friend that is always there through the ups and downs.  There to celebrate life but most importantly to pick you up every time you fall.  It’s easy for people to be there during the fun times but the true test of friendship is when things get tough, then poof!!! everyone disappears like a freaking magic trick and there withstands the one or ones you can count on.  Jossé has become more than a friend, he is the family I chose and I thank my God for him everyday.

My favorite analogy quote by mama Oprah!

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down”


Jossé & Dalí

Individual outfit details click on Jossé & Dalí 

mount2I can’t even express how happy this much color makes me! #salvationmountain ❤️

mount4We decided to go with neutral colors to let the stunning beauty of Salvation Mountain shine.

mount5I love color because it reminds me of being a child.  A great reminder to stay young at heart and be colorful.

mount1The end 🙂

Learn more about Salvation Mountain and Leonard Knight here.

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