Salvation Mountain Slab City needs little introduction.  This place is like no other, feels like no other. The mountain of love has the beautiful soul of its creator Leonard Knight still present…it’s present everywhere you look, everything you touch.  Leonard didn’t consider himself an artist but simply a “man so enamored with spreading the idea of God is Love” as described on salvation  In the early 90s, Leonard began to build this grand piece of art and after an attempt to be shut down by the county the mountain is now protected as a national treasure.  The 100° weather didn’t stop us from snapping some playful pics surrounded by the most unique piece of art we’ve laid eyes on.  We are forever thankful for the beautiful human that created this, to simply spread the message of love and compassion.

“He truly believes that love is the answer to a peaceful and harmonious existence.”

Lots of Love,

Jossé & Dalí

For individual outfit details click on Jossé 0r Dalí

Learn more about Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain in Slab City here.

IMG_5481IMG_5508IMG_5532IMG_5633IMG_5638sm8IMG_5707Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain Slab City will leave a lasting impression that will change a small part of you for the better 🙂


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