Santoshi Shetty has a certain je ne sais quoi about her style and the way she portrays herself.  A sense of high fashion with a humble flair.  Her vibes reminds me of the first Vogue cover by Anna Wintour in 1988.  Let’s flashback to that blindged out Christian Lacroix jacket paired with laid back Guess jeans.  That’s Santoshi Shetty from The Styledge lifestyle blog, and why I began to follow her journey a few years back.

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She knows how to elevate style to intellectually cool levels and I am certainly not the only one who’s noticed.  This international girl boss has the resume to prove it.  Too many collaborations to mention and may I also highlight, at the tender age of 23!  She has worked with the biggest publications and numerous enviable brand collaborations.  Internationally recognized and praised as Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016, Elle Blogger of the year 2016 & Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017.

At such a young age, she has accomplished more for her brand than I can ever dream of.  And now, I give you lifestyle blogger and Head Babe in Charge #5 Santoshi Shetty from The Styledge.  Below she drops some knowledge about her journey building a business from her personal brand to her advice for aspiring bloggerpreneurs.

Enjoy! 💋

You’re one of my favorites because of your unique creativity. Your style has evolved beautifully since 2014. What inspires you these days? Any Icons?

Firstly, thanks for calling me as one of your favorites, it means a lot!  Oh yes, a lot has happened since the past 2 years, in terms of styles, my content & the growth I have had as a person.  Architecture has been my inspiration in fashion.  There’s a huge variety of inspirations in the whole process.  And not to forget the incredible people I came across along the way who have contributed massively, to name a few –Shani Amit, Negin Mirsalehi, Kristina Bazan, etc.

I keep my self updated with trends, I like doing things before the world’s in on it… and I think experimenting & being versatile makes you stand out in the crowd.  Even architecture as a subject has been a driving force to me in fashion.  There’s so much that I can relate & grasp… so not only people, but even things inspire me here.

Your understanding of architecture and space shows in all your photos.  When did you decide to be a blogger instead of an architect?

I honestly had no plans for this.  My social media was always fashion oriented and that was just a hobby.  Eventually when I was in my 4th year I got an opportunity to start a YouTube channel with the help of a production company…I took that up only because it wasn’t time consuming and I could do something that I loved at the same time.  And when that took off, the fact that it was liked by a lot of people was when I realized that there’s so much more potential in this area and I can take this to another level!  And so I did :’)

And yes my architecture roots will always reflect in my work, as I believe fashion & architecture both influence each other & go hand in hand! Both the fields are extremely creative

Is there a “rookie mistake” new bloggers keep on making?

I think more than just posting about the outfits, it’s very important to make sure your content has quality.  Quality is always more important quantity. People like organic & original content & I feel this is missing these days amongst the new bloggers.  All they try to get is a perfect dslr shot focusing on the outfit/product.

What is your #1 DO advice and #1 DON’T advice for aspiring bloggers?

Do advice would be – Be versatile & don’t be afraid to experiment but also keep your essence/style strong at the same time.

Don’t – Don’t do things that you don’t enjoy or like just for the gram or because everyone’s doing it.  Be true to your readers and yourself.

You’re one of the busiest bloggers in the scene!  Is blogging your full-time gig?  And how else do you spend your time?  Any exciting projects/plans coming up?  And what do you envision for the future of The Styledge? 

Soooo many questions but I adore you!  

Haha! You’re the sweetest!  Yes it’s my full time gig!  I enjoy doing this & I invest all my time in building my blog.  A lot of projects are lined up, I just got back from my travel project.  I love traveling, which is evident from the posts.  It makes me learn many new things about myself & the world.  All I envision is to be happy while doing it, reach places & meet inspiring people in the whole process.  I don’t really know what the future holds for me as I never thought I would be doing this today…so I’m just going with the flow with a positive outlook 🙂 💗

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Special thanks to Santoshi for taking the time to share your priceless knowledge with us!

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