Do you know the driving force that help build Salvation Mountain?  LOVE. 

Love can move mountains and build them too, as it seems like.  So in honor of love, I will be writing about the most important kind of love, SELF-LOVE, after all, it all starts there right?  Self-love has been an interesting journey for me, ever since I can remember noticing my looks. I never fit the mold of what was considered “beautiful” growing up, but today, I am glad I didn’t because I am defining beauty in my own terms everyday.

I do have a revelation, for the first time ever; I am posting completely untouched photos. No touch-ups, no filters, nothing. Seems like a silly thing, but in today’s world it’s almost all we know.  Putting ourselves out there in social media, only after a Snapchat enhancement, and a few other thousand filters lol! #Guilty

Nothing makes me more proud than to be partnering up with a brand that is all about women empowerment!  Hanky Panky is a brand that has been promoting self-love for decades and teaching women to feel beautiful from the inside and out.  Effortlessly sexy lingerie like Hanky Panky sure makes a girl feel her finest!  Using real women as models seems to be a new trend but Hanky Panky is not following trends, they have been doing this for decades.  I can always stand behind a company that believes beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors!

So, we took a little road trip to familiar territory in the desert to create some magic with Hanky Panky and badass New York-based photographer Becky Yee.  Nothing better than lacy little things in 100-degree weather!  Hanky Panky definitely knows how to make a girl feel hot!  Underwear as Outerwear anyone?

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Shop my look:  Hanky Panky pink bralette & Panties set | PONO Earrings & Necklace | Trousers Forever 21 | Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Shop my look:  Hanky Panky bralette & brief | PONO Resin Bracelets & Earrings | F21 Trousers | Zara slides

Shop my look:  Hanky Panky bralette | PONO Resin Bracelets | Boots Vittorio Ricci

Photo Credits:  Becky Yee Photography 

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