The Land of Giants

My teeny family and I had been looking for an excuse to disconnect from the hustle & bustle and re-charge the soul and what better way than the breathtaking Sequoia National Park.  I really didn’t know what to expect when visiting Sequoia other than the giant trees.  Pictures hardly do justice but when they say expect to see trees as high as a 26 story building!  Going during Fall is considered their low season but it couldn’t have been more perfect.  The lodge where we stayed and the park were calm and the crowds minimal.

The weather was gorgeously sunny averaging mid 60s during the day and low 40s at night.  In my opinion if you want experience true peacefulness and are not much for freezing weather mid to late October is the perfect time to go. When traveling, we usually like to wing the activities but if you are visiting Sequoia for the first time stick to their‚ top things to do you wont regret it.

My favorite was witnessing the beauty and grandness that is General Sherman tree, the largest tree in the world, it’s the largest in wood mass not height.  Although you’re not allowed to touch this giant, there’s many other trees in Sherman trail that you can touch and admire much closely.  The park in general is very well protected and it’s important to respect the environment, but there is many areas for amazing photo ops.  Don’t forget to be on the look out for the “do not disturb habitat” signs!

Overall, I would encourage you all to visit Sequoia National Park, it has everything and more than I imagined.  I felt grounded and it brought me to a peaceful state of mind that it’s hard to concieve in the city at times.  It reminded me to appreciate everything from the crisp air I breathed to the magical views.  There’s a million photos I could’ve taken but to just appreciate the moment without interruption was most important.

Here’s what we captured, I hope you enjoy 🙂



You have any tips and recommendations of things to see in Sequoia National Park?  I would love to hear them!

To learn more about Sequoia National Park 

sequioa12Bettle Rock is convenient to visit since it’s right across Giant Forest Museum.


sequioaHuggin’ General Sherman’s little brother 😉

sequioa5I introduce my teeny Fam Marcin & Lola posing with General Sherman, the largest tree in the world!

sequioa1Appreciating all the magical smells…



sequioa11So much color & texture inspiration for fall!

sequioa9Halloween socks & some lived in Sorel boots.

sequioa14Sequoia National Park has so much to offer if you love the outdoors.  We witness sunshine, snow, and rain all within a few days!

sequioa13On to the next destination!  Appreciating all the beauty along the way 🙂

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