Slab City – have you heard of this place?  Some claim this is the free-est place in the world?  Can this be true?  I was curious so we headed over to this eccentric town to find out.  Residents in Slab City live off the grid —  no internet, no electricity, sewer or running water.   It’s no easy feat to live here, and in case you have never heard of this place let me paint you a picture.  The Slabs are located in the Sonoran Desert of the Imperial Valley.  Temperatures during the summer hike up to 120 °F.  Old wild west style, there is no rules here and I can feel it and see it everywhere I looked.   There is no public service of any kind.  Anarchy reigns supreme.  Slab city, is quite literally, the free-est place in the world.  

Join me as I let freedom ring in the free-est place in the world with Hanky Panky.   Adorned in the comfiest and cutest American-made lingerie.  No where in the world, can you walk around in lingerie and no one bats an eye.  Creativity and eclectic behavior is encouraged here and I felt right at home for this one day. 

Happy birthday America! 💙❤

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