Success, what is it?  I wondered about the “true” meaning of it specially during tough times.  Took me a long time to figure out that is not having a fat wallet or defined by our possessions.  I define success as happiness.  To have found something that allows me to grow, learn and build my own (teeny for now) empire by my own rules.  “You can tell by my everyday fits I ain’t rich” said the greatest, Tupac  🙌🏾 (no secret there! 😜).  I am much happier and grateful than the days when I worked countless hours for a bigger paycheck.  Bottom line, law school was not ever meant for me.  I am a true believer that things do happen for a reason.


I have always loved the Southwestern Law School art deco building.  The 100 year old university was once a part of my future.  I dreamed of going to law school and Southwestern was my top choice.  Life happened and I was taken in different directions and I am so glad it did.  Being here is a bittersweet feeling, mostly wondering of what life could have been if I went that route.  But one thing is for sure, I am happy to be here on this path, not a single regret.

So what in the world does this moment have to do with fashion?  Everything.  I am here today, doing what I want and wearing what I want.  Today, I get to wear sneakers on my “9-5”, shiny fun tops and these trousers are as formal as it gets for me.  A reminder to take a chance and do what you love!  Even if it’s just a hobby while you work a 9-5, it happened to me and I found the career of my dreams just by taking a chance.

“If you don’t take risks, you don’t drink champagne”  ~Kasparov


Dalí 💋


golden2Loving the new contemporary collection at H&M like this champagne colored cami.  Lingerie inspired tops add such a luxe feeling to an outfit.

golden3It’s ok to say NO sometimes 😉 but this purse was a definite yes! #playful #details 💬

golden8Comfy and chic, I can wear this everyday!

golden7Classics on rotation!  Golden hoops, Ray Ban Clubmasters, and my beloved name necklace.  For those of you that don’t know me personally, hola! 🙋🏽 my name is Dalia.  I got the nickname Dalí from my older brother since childhood. 😁

golden11Make your own chocker!  I just took some elastic string I already had and voila!

golden10How did I ever live without these bracelets!?  These chic and affordable cuffs are hair tie cuffs!  Because everyone at one point has put on a hair tie on their wrist! #notcute  Loving them with or without a hair tie. 💣

golden4Literally reflecting on the past, living the moment and excited for the future ✨

📍Southwestern law library

Want it?  Click blue text 😉

Curated Gold Hair Tie Bracelets

H&M Satin Camisole-white. Champagne not online yet. Another favorite here.

Zara Drawstring Trousers

Ray Ban Metal Clubmasters

Zara Crossbody Bag

Converse Sneakers

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