I finally visited “That Pink Door” in Palm Springs, CA and it got me thinking about 2016.  All the doors that closed but most importantly all the ones that opened.  Definitely the year I will never forget!  My boo Marcin and I were talking about what a crazy good year it has been and we should be thankful for all that’s happened.  I tend to be really hard on myself and set very high expectations for me.  Is it just me or does this happen to you as well?  I often forget to pat myself on the back, hey, why not!?  We should celebrate every victory no matter how small it may seem!  It seems a lot easier to point out what we didn’t do over what we accomplished, right?

This was the year of the big leaps!  I took the chances that fear had not let me take before.  Once I did it, I wondered why I didn’t do it before!

1.  I quit my 10 year career and started my own e-commerce business.  (New jewelry website coming soon!)  The dream of working from home and calling the shots is real y’all!  My mom still doesn’t understand how I can make money like this lol!  And yes, I don’t just blog for living lol!  This is my fun baby 😉

2. We gave up our downtown Los Angeles loft to move around…A LOT.  We lived in my hometown during the 2015 holidays, Hermosa Beach and Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

3. I had known this man was the one since the day I met him at that all-white party but we made it official in March!  No wedding date yet, I hope to start planning this upcoming year.

4. The blog turned 1 year old in 2016!  Thankful for all I’ve learned and for all the support you have shown.  Thank you a million times, means the world to me!

Reflecting over the good and the bad it’s important.  I take those bad experiences as a learning opportunity and how to do things different next time.  I had just as many bad things happen this year but ain’t nobody got time to be complaining 😜 so I choose to only highlight the good.

The pursuit of happiness continues y’all!  Keep your head up because I truly believe good energy attracts good energy.  Build that damn door if the one you want to open is locked.  Paint yourself that pretty pink door and get yourself a key!  Cheers to a happy 2017!  If you are reading this, I wish you all the things that bring YOU happiness.   A HUGE shout out to you my tenderoni.  You are the sun that keeps me going!  I can’t wait to marry you! ☀️


Dalí 💋

Inspire.  Be you.  You’re unique.


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The now famous house has coined the name “That Pink Door.”  The mid century home is located on 1100 E Sierra Way, Palm Springs, CA in case you want to visit! 💖  The creator of the pink theme was the previous owner Moises Esquenazi, an interior designer from New York, according to the Desert Sun.
Can I just live here!?  To learn more about That Pink Door & to find out who are the cute owners click here!Still obsessed with this pretty thang from Topshop! ➰

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