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I haven’t written about my life changing journey in a while.  For those of you that don’t know, I left the corporate life after a great ten years.  No regrets, it made me who I am today.  I am a person that craves constant change whether teeny or dramatic, like quitting coffee or a ten year career.  I can’t take all the credit for this big leap, a huge influencer was my crazy boyfriend.  Who’s crazy smart ideas always keep me on my toes ♥

Now we are here in this Mexican paradise, hella of a big change from the concrete jungle of Downtown Los Angeles and my uneventful job.  Days here usually start with activities like SUP (standup paddle) someone pinch me please!  One of my first experiences here was meeting Jeff, owner at Playa Standup Paddle and then I found myself with a new hobby 🙂  I had never paddled before, not sure why specially living in Hermosa Beach, guess we just never made time for it.  Here in Playa you don’t need a lake or a deck, the beach is so calm and peaceful in the mornings that going from shore it’s easy breezy.

Jeff is a cool dude from Orange County that vacationed in Playa and never left.  Love to hear stories like this because our goal is to find that place that feels like home again.  We keep extending our stay here so we’ll see what happens 😉 So if you’re in Playa and find yourself touristing on 5th ave. Just turn on 4th street towards the beach and SUP it up with Jeff at Playa Standup Paddle and tell him I sent you and he’ll hook you up with a discount 😉

Check him out on FB @Playa Standup Paddle

La vida is So far, So good!



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paddle2Takes a good teacher to be a quick learner ⇑

paddle3Here we go!  I was a little nervous I am not gonna lie, mainly because of pride and that sense of competition to basically not suck lol!  #rookie I will confidently state that Paddle Boarding with Jeff is a Must Thing To Do in Playa del Carmen.

paddle8Try it, you will pleasantly surprised to what you find!  #newhobby

paddle4Getting ready to stand up.  Balance and core control is key.  I was a hot mess until I relaxed and used my core.  You don’t need a six pack for this sport (clearly I don’t)  Just willingness to have a blast!

paddle6I realized this is a sport for everyone!  The young, the wise, and even doggy friends 🙂  An activity meant to relax you and be one with the sea.

paddle5Although you can’t see him, Jeff was there the entire time making sure I felt comfortable and was paddling correctly.  It’s allllllll in the abs 😉

paddle9There he is lol!  Falling in true dramatic fashion 😀  One of the 2 times I fell, I swear 😉  Good times!

paddle7Playa Standup Pladdle is located through 4th street on the beach, to the left.  Playa standup Paddle is right by this wood fixture.

paddle10Never a bad thing to take a little spill in to perfect temperature turquoise water!

paddle1He takes pride in his business and it shows!  Thanks Jeff for a great experience 🙂

Hope you enjoyed another guide of things to do in Playa del Carmen. Peep out other little stories HERE for my favorite things to do while in Playa.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Dalia. It was great having you come out and paddle. I love the sport and sharing it with others. You did awesome for your first SUP experience. Looking forward to paddling with you again soon.

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