Tomboy style is not a choice it’s my lifestyle!  I’m at it again with my jacket of the moment (peep my last post rocking this jacket but dressier), but this time it’s all about the tomboy vibes and a reminder to stick to versatile pieces that you can wear a million ways! ✨  A huge influence in my preference of all things comfortable and men inspired was growing up with three brothers.  I have always loved girly styles but that had to always be adjusted to keep up with the boys.  Puffy dresses, huge head bows and frilly socks with a pair of what I used to call “my fastest sneakers” so I can outrun the boys.  Today this is much more “normal,” the whole sneaker with dressier attire aka tomboy style but back in the day this was somewhat frowned upon.  Thinking back today, I am happy I grew up with the boys and they cut me no slack.  I never imagined that adjusting my outfit to keep up with my brothers would shape my style choices today.  I will forever be a girly tomboy that can outrun the hell out boys! 💪🏾

“The choices you make today will shape your world tomorrow,” someone very wise once said.  So what shaped your style?


Dalí 💋



jogger5Laid back tomboy vibes from head to toe sans this fabulous H&M coated biker jacket that just adds the sass this get up needs! 💣

jogger4If you are looking for a pair of stylish and most comfortable (EVER!!!) sneakers, look no further.  These Reebok classics is where is at! ✔️  Shop look @end of post.

jogger2There comes a time in the year when I am all about #allblackeverything ♠️

jogger6My go to accessories are always the gold classics 🌟  Clubmasters, oversized hoops (the bigger the hoop…😜) & personalized gold necklace.  Mixing girlie accents in to tomboy style adds balance to this look.

Want it?  Click blue text 😉

H&M Jacket 

Ray-Ban Metal Sunglasses

Reebok Classics

Zara Jogger Pants (similar Zara here mine are not online)

Zara bodysuit similar here and for a great price!

Nixon rose gold watch

Curated Gold Hair Tie Bracelet

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