Dress like you’re on vacation to motivate that travel bug!  Tropical prints anyone?  They say to dress like the job want;  I say dress like the vacation you want!  Exactly a year ago this past month, my fiancé and I packed our bags and left on a one way ticket to the Mexican Caribbean and I never wanted to come back.  The culture, the weather and overall lifestyle reaffirmed I am most at home in sandals and effortless threads.

  I love LA but I fell deeply in love with Mexico, more specifically with the Riviera Maya.  Life caught up with us, but we are still working our butts off to earn that one-way ticket again.  So in the meantime, I’m keeping it easy breezy with tropical prints, barely-there tops (free the nips ladies!!!) and chill chanclas (chan-klas Spanish for sandals). 👍🏾

“My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from.”

~Rob Hill Sr.

Besos, 💋

Never without my evil-eye protection necklace 👀 Get yours here  The bracelet it’s a steal get it here.

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Zara tropical prints top

Forever 21 skirt

Forever 21 slides

Zara bag-old but here are some cute pink bags

Ray ban clubmaster sunglasses

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