Who said utility jackets are only functional?  Yes, we love all the extra pockets but this jacket is so much more!  We love modernizing a good ol’ utility jacket (aka military jacket).  It’s fair to say most of us have owned one of these at some point, and as you should!  Utility jackets are in our top ten wardrobe essentials and for a good reason…You can wear them with almost anything from a floral dress to jeans and everything in between 😉  Another good investment of a oldie but goodie.

For individual outfit details & to shop our utility jackets click on Jossé & Dalí ♥ 

Happy Holidays!

Peace & Love,

Jossé & Dalí

utility1We love pieces that can be recycled in to many looks.  Utility Jackets are definitely at the top of our list of versatile pieces.

utility4Jossé rocks the monochromatic denim look by picking denim of slightly different shades.

utility3Red accessories and lips are a fave to match with the military green.

utility5The hardest part shooting with this guy? keeping a straight face :p #bff

utility6Wishing you all holidays full of laughter, joy, and love ♥

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