They say time flies when you’re having fun, but has it really been four months since our last adventure together @the Coolest Block in America!?  Being away from my bestie for a couple of months while in Mexico was oh so painful!  So I am thrilled we get to goof around again and do what we love.

We always try to make a fun day out of our shoots so it reflects in our images.  Street art sighting is one our must things to do in L.A. and the best for photo ops!  We play tourists in our own city and the art scene never disappoints.  After posing with some colorful art pieces it’s happy hour time!  We hit up the Sunset strip for some drinks at Sawyer (meh) and then we hoped on over to Kombu for some delicious sushi.  Highly recommend Kombu, super friendly staff and an amazing happy hour menu. 🍣  Bestie and Instagram husband over great food and drinks, I must say this was a good day.  Mission accomplished. 🙌🏾

For individual visual story and outfit details click on Jossé Dalí 

Much love,

Jossé & Dalí



image (6)…Or stand here with someone you love #brother 💜💙 📍Silver lake Mural by the talented Dallas Clayton

image (11)Never blue 😜

image (9)I swear we rarely coordinate and usually end up in the same hues! 👯

IMG_2265Spread the love & have fun like a child 💫

image (10)Capturing life one selfie at a time 📷


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